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Private Family Guided Acropolis Tour

    No trip to Athens is complete without a visit to the Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most visited places in Europe. On this fun and highly educational tour, you and your family will be shown around the ancient monument, learning about the rich mythology that flows around the area.

    Throughout your 2-hour private tour, you’ll be taken to some of the Acropolis’ most iconic features, including the Parthenon, the Theater of Dionysus, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Temple of Erechtheion and the Sanctuary of Asclepius. At each stop, your expert guide will talk you through the history and significance of the ruins. For the kids, they’ll learn all there is to know about the Greek gods and heroes — finding out why Athens was one of the greatest cities in the world in the ancient era.

    While at the Acropolis, you’ll be given an iPad that’s been preloaded with an extra augmented reality program. This new ‘touring’ tool will help you visualize how the Acropolis looked in ancient times. You’ll be able to see a full 3D colored reconstruction of the 5th century BC statues, buildings, and ancient objects – it’s a truly incredible experience.

    Families should know

    • This private tour is highly recommended for families as it is arranged with a specialized in children’s activities state licensed guide
    • The private tour is possible to customise on the way and is always adjusted according to children’s exact ages
    • The tour is available at English and German and its duration is 2 hours
    • All children get an inspiring gift 
    • If your hotel is located at the centre of Athens, our guide will pick you up from there and walk with you to the site
    • Skip the line service for the Acropolis is being provided. Your guide will have the admission tickets on the day of the tour and you can compensate the amount directly to her in cash.
    • This tour is ideally combined with our Private Family Guided Tour to the Acropolis Museum and the Private Family Athens City Centre Tour
    • As the Acropolis rock gets very hot during the summer months, we suggest starting the earliest as possible (8-8:30 am) or having this tour in the afternoon (starting at 5:00 pm)
    Address: Archaeological site of the Acropolis, Athens, Greece

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    Kids will love

    • The stories and the myths about Acropolis
    • To be a part of the great Panathenaic celebration of the classical times

    Parents will love

    • The significant landmarks
    • The stunning panoramic views
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • We are keen to do a combined kid tour of Acropolis and museum on Tuesday 12th July
      We are 2 adults and 3 kids 6,10,12. Do you have availability and what are the options and prices

      • Dear Adam,
        Thank you for your comment. We just sent you an email with all the information you need. Please check your inbox.
        Warm regards,
        The Kids Love Greece team

      • Dear Elsa,
        yes we do! I will send you an email later today.
        Thank you,
        Maria Giannouli

      • Yes. We do offer French, Spanish, German and several more languages! We will be in touch with you via email.

    • We would like to do a combined kids tour of the acropolis and museum on 11th or 12th July. 2 adults and 2 kids (aged 11 and 12). Could you please advise options and availability.

      • Dear Jon, thank you for your message.
        One of our team member, Maria Giannouli, will come back to you.
        Thank you.

    • Communication was superb from booking through to the actual tour and our guide, Sylvia, was enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable and amazing with our children. Would absolutely recommend :-).

      • Dear Haley,
        Thank you so much for giving us a 5 star review. I will pass your compliments to Sylvia, she is indeed amazing with kids!

    • We’re thinking about a toor of Acropolis, possibly combined with the museum on either the 26th or the 27th of July. I’d be grateful if you could give me availability, options and prices. Thank you!

      • Dear Anke,
        Thank you so much for your email. I believe someone from your team has already been in touch with you.
        Enjoy your trip to Greece!
        On behalf of Kids Love Greece

    • We are thinking of a combined kids tour of the acropolis and museum either in late May (maybe 26th) or early June (maybe 7th). 4 adults and 2 kids (aged 8 and 6). Could you please advise options and availability.

      • Dear Che,
        Thank you for message. We would love welcoming you to our beautiful country. I believe that one of our trip planner has already contacted you via email. In case you need any issues, please contact us at [email protected]
        Thank you.
        On behalf of the Kids Love Greece team

    • Evita our guide was a treasure trove of knowledge and so lovely! She was very sensitive to how we were going and adjusted our time together accordingly. Given we missed a whole afternoon on our first day, it was wonderful that she included a visit to the Agora for us on our Acropolis tour. It was actually a highlight of our tour.

      • Louise, we are so blessed to have guides such as Evita in our team and we will definitely share your glowing review with them! She is also a Percy Jackson fan so what a better way to do a Percy Jackson tour with her! We cannot wait to meet your daughter in a few years!!!! We promise we will keep up to the high expectations! :-)

    • We had the best experience with Kids love Greece! We have used private tour guides all over the world but none have come close to the wonderful experience we had with our guide, Maralena. She kept even are young grandchildren captivated. We plan to come back and explore more of Greece and will be using Kids love Greece for all our plans!

      • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful review! Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority so seeing that you had a wonderful experience with https://www.kidslovegreece.com is the biggest reward for us. See you very soon!Maria

    • We had a wonderful tour with Vera who was a fantastic guide, both for the children and the adults. She made everything came to life for us, and was so accommodating and thoughtful.

      I am very appreciative of the customer service of Kids Love Greece, even though I booked very last minute with changes up to the night before, they were so quick and efficient with their arrangements. Quite different from other tour agencies I approached who let me down last minute. Totally recommended.

      • Thank you for the wonderful review of the Kids Love Greece services. It has been our pleasure to help you enjoy our beautiful country. We are all busy parents so we are always trying our best to find a guide, even if it is last minute… We really hope we see you in Greece one day soon! All the best!

    • We booked a wonderful experience, which was the highlight of our trip and a very good kids tour. The providers they used were really good and specialized in working with kids. Had a great vacation.

    • We booked the family tour of the acropolis to bring it to life for our kids who might not be interested in spending much time looking at ruins. Our guide was fantastic, and the 3-D technology to see what it what everything might have looked like when it was in use was really special. And Maria, our coordinator, could not have been more responsive or easier to work with. Highly recommend!

      • Thank you so much for the glowing review of our tour in the Acropolis for families. We are very happy to hear that your found your guide to be fantastic and you really liked the addition of the virtual reality devices in the family tour. You definitely agree with you that this is the best way to bring Acropolis to life and stimulate the kids’ imagination!

    • Evita , our tour guide to Acropolis gave us detailed information into the temples with the help of a virtual reality app. With this app our girls traveled back in time and visualized themselves in temples as they used to be during the 5th century BC.

      • No words can express how much we appreciate your wonderful review. Also, your pictures are fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

    • The interactive iPads for the acropolis were a great hit. It really helped for all of us to see images of what was there while standing in the space.

      • Sarah, we completely agree with you that the ipads are very engaging and help kids (and adults) visualize how the ancient ruins used to look in the past. Thank you for all your trust!

    • Marie was a great guide. She really brought the history of ancient Greece alive for my kids!!

      • We are so grateful for your feedback. Marie is indeed a great guide… and knows how to attract the kids’ attention and keep them engaged! All the best and hopefully we will see you back one day soon!

    • Our tour of the Acropolis provided a wonderful guide for my kids, who had a great time for the entire 2 hours. My husband and I had our own guide, an expert who taught us so much. Thanks to the way it was organized, we skipped the long ticket line and we were with out kids but weren’t distracted by them and could really enjoy the Acropolis. It was a hot, crowded summer morning, but it was like we were in our own world.

      • We are extremely happy to hear that adults enjoyed the adult only tour (!) while your young kids were entertained by their own kid-friendly guide in the Acropolis.

    • Kids love Greece was an exceptional company to work with! Scheduling was easy and the tour was amazing! Our family will always remember that experience.

      • Dear Aubrey, what a lovely note about our tour! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! All the best!

    • We did the Acropolis tour and loved it. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly how to keep our kids (9,12) engaged. I would also HIGHLY recommend getting the ipads with the tour. They allowed our kids (and the adults!) to see and walk through the buildings as they would’ve looked thousands of years ago. It helped to really understand what we were looking at. Depending on when you go, I would also recommend going as early in the day as the guide can take you, not only because of the heat but also because of the crowds. We thought 8:00am might be a little too early for us so we booked a 9:00am tour but even by 9:00 the crowds were huge. Our guide said that she does tours as early as 8:00am and it is much quieter at that hour.

      • What a lovely review of our services! It really means a lot to us that your family found our tour with the ipads in the Acropolis engaging! I also agree with your comment about starting the tour early in the am … waking up the kids early might be a struggle but it pays off! Thank you so much for your trusting us!

    • The visit to Acropolis with the tablet brought the monument alive and the guide had so much history to share. The kids learned so much.

      • Vanco, thank you so much for your review. We cannot agree more with you that the addition of the ipads in the Acropolis is engaging and brings those monuments to life!

    • Evita tried her best with the Acropolis tour and did a good job with our 6 and 9 year old who were sick and jetlagged at the time. She had a lot of knowledge and I would have liked to take the tour with her with healthier children. Next time!

      • Thank you so much for your email. It is such a pity that your kids were sick and jet lagged that day. I am sure the overcrowded Acropolis did not help.

    • Kids Love Greece offers a wonderful service for travelling families!

      We all enjoyed our Acropolis tour and Vera was a wonderful guide – she had a lovely nature, spoke excellent English, was very knowledgeable and great engaging with the kids.

    • Excellent tour with a knowledgeable and flexible guide. We loved it!

      • We are so glad that you found our excellent and the tour guide knowledgeable!. We are all busy parents, therefore, flexibility is our priority! Thank you so much for your trust.

      • Dear Sarah,
        Thank you for your interest in “Private Family Guided Tour to the Acropolis”. Maria has already emailed you the information you asked for.
        Always at your disposal.
        Thank you,

    • Thank you for making the Acropolis so much fun for our 6yr old! Marie is a fantastic guide, So patient, informative and fun! Our son, Atlas was very inquisitive and Marie didn’t miss a beat answering all his questions.The iPads are a must, inhansing the tour that much more. Thank you Marie and Kids Love Greece.

    • Eva our guide was fantastic and really catered to the girls. We asked for her to do parts of the tour in greek and other parts in english which she did marvellously. We have already recommended your site to our Greek teacher!
      All the best,


      • Avgy, we are always excited to hear that kids enjoy our tours. In fact it means the world to us! Thank you for taking the time to share your review

      • Hello Melissa,
        Thank you for your inquiry about our Acropolis Tour. One of our trip planners will come back to you via email with more information.
        Thank you.

    • HI

      CAn we do a tour 2 small kids 6 and 9 years today afrenoon late . Please email me with your contact number

      • Hello Irshad,
        It is Maria from Kids Love Greece. I just emailed you all the information you need about the Acropolis Visit.
        Thank you.

    • Hi therem,
      we are interested in this tour for next week.

      Can you contact me on whatsapp: 00447466651145

      • Gian,

        It is so great to receive your message and to help you plan a wonderful experience in Athens for your family.

        One of our trip planners has already contacted you and kindly requests more details about the ages of your kids, in order to send you the most appropriate options.

        Thank you for all your trust in our services

        The Team of kids Love Greece

    • Hello, Could you tell me your availability and prices for a tour of a) just the Acropolis and b) the Acropolis and Acropolis museum on Sunday 20 March 2022? Thank you.

      • Hello Jerry,
        Thank you for your interest in our Private Family Mythology Tour in Athens. Maria Giannouli sent you an email about the tour, confirming availability! Looking forward to hearing back from you!
        Katerina, on behalf of the Kids Love Greece

    • We are starting in Athens for a week commencing 31 March. Please could you let me know prices and availability for the tours thanks

      • Dear Charli,
        Thank you for your interest in our Private Family Guided Acropolis Tour. Acropolis is the highlight of any visit to Athens and hiring one of our family-friendly guides will make the whole experience educational and fun! Maria Giannouli has already sent you an email with all the necessary information about this fantastic tour! I highly recommend that you also get the virtual reality ipads for a very engaging experience!
        All the best!

    • Hi, I am interested in the tour. We will be in Athens next week, three adults and two kids. Please more info.

      • Hello Daisy,
        Thank you for your message. We would love to help you plan a memorable stay in Athens for your family! We do offer many activities for families, it all depends on the interests of your kids/ family. Maria Gannouli has already sent you an email regarding all of our programs in Athens for your family. Please check your junk folder because sometimes the messages end up there.
        On behalf of Kids Love Greece.


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