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Paros by bike - Is the island suitable for cycling tours?

Hello! I'm Nadia and I will visit Paros with my family. We are an active family that likes to go on bike tours. I have 2 children who are 9 and 12 years old. Is Paros a good place with kid-friendly bike routes?

Absolutely! Paros is not just a beautiful and family-friendly island. There are many routes that you will surely enjoy exploring. We offer The Ultimate Beaches Biking Tour in Paros, where you will have the opportunity to explore fantastic beaches with panoramic views, unique rock formations and take a refreshing swim! Also, keep in mind that the nearby islet of Antiparos has many hidden treasures to offer. You can take our Biking Tour Bliss: Explore Antiparos on 2 Wheels, and see the Cave of Antiparos, take some photos of the breathtaking views, and have a swim before returning to Paros. For more information, contact us at