Greek Mythology inspired brands logos

Gods Gone Modern: Greek Myths Spicing Up Ten Powerful Brands

    Greek mythology has been an inspiration point for many famous brands around the world, all conveying various qualities and themes, such as strength, wisdom, enchantment, and speed. Here we are finding out why and getting to know some major ancient Greek mythical figures a bit better.

    1. Poseidon

    The ancient Greek god of the sea always holds tight to his powerful spear, the Trident (translates into three-toothed) as he dominates all sea creatures and waters!

    Inspired Brand: Trident chewing gum

    The world-famous chewing gum was named after Poseidon’s mighty trident! Next time you chew your mint, you may feel his powerful waves – be careful not to enrage him!

    Source: Mondelēz International

    Inspired Brand: Maserati

    Everybody would love having a Maserati – it’s sleek, it’s pure luxury most of us can’t afford! Have you though ever noticed the cars’ logo? Can you remember it? It’s Poseidon’s trident! The brand uses it to send a message of power and supremacy. The hometown of Maserati cars is the city of Bologna in Italy, where there’s a famous statue of Poseidon holding his trident.

    Maserati Logo Greek Mythology
    Source: Maserati

    2. Sirens

    Today we think of sirens as mermaids, though in ancient Greek myths, they were half women – half bird creatures, who lured sailors with their sweet songs.

    Inspired Brand: Starbucks

    Starbucks was born in Seattle, which is a port city, so the founders wanted a powerful logo linked to the sea, which would “lure” people to its coffee! Now you know where the two-tailed mermaid on your latte comes from!

    Starbcuks logo Greek Mythology
    Source: Starbucks

    3. Amazons

    The ancient Greek amazōnes were a group of women warriors very skilled and courageous, living independently of men!

    Inspired Brand: Amazon

    Steve Bezos really nailed it when he came up with his company’s name! The giant e-commerce platform got its name from the ancient Greek amazōnes. Bezos thought the name was original and exotic when he looked it up in the dictionary, and the company is definitely racing as fast as the ancient amazons on their horses!

    Amazon Logo Greek Mythology

    4. Aphrodite

    The ancient Greek goddess of beauty, grace, love, and passion! Her name derives from aphrōs (translating into sea-foam), as according to a Greek myth she emerged from the foam of the sea when Cronus cut his father’s Uranus genitals and threw them into the sea. Aphrodite had many symbols, among which a prominent one was the dove. This is where the famous soaps and shampoos got their name from!

    Inspired Brand: Dove

    Dove is a UK brand with its products being available around the world. The company wanted to associate their skincare products with beauty, pureness, and love, and dove was the perfect logo to symbolize that.

    Dove Logo Greek Mythology
    Source: Dove

    5. Nike

    Nīke in Greek means victory, and this is what the ancient Greek goddess Nike personified – the glory of victory in any field (war, sports, or the arts). Her most famous statue in the world is today in the Louvre Museum in Paris, the winged victory (Nīke) of Samothrace, named after the Greek island where it’s been found. If you’ve already been or are planning to visit the Acropolis in Athens, you’ve probably spotted right away the temple of Athena Nīke – devoted to the worship of the two goddesses, Athenā (guardian of the city of Athens) and Nīke.

    Inspired Brand: Nike

    Nike footwear uses both the name of the ancient goddess, and its ‘swoosh’ logo is also inspired by the wings of Nīke! Remember that next time you put on your favorite Nikes, the brand has set you up for success!

    Nike Logo Greek Mythology
    Source: Nike

    6. Medusa

    She was a beautiful but fearsome ancient Greek lady, who had venomous snakes in place of hair! To make things worse, she turned to stone whoever gazed into her eyes! The Greek hero Perseus (with the help of the Greek gods) beheaded her and gave Medusa’s head to the goddess Athena who placed it in her shield.

    Inspired Brand: Versace

    The image of Medusa’s head is the logo of the famous Versace luxury brand, as the Versace kids (including Gianni, the founder of the brand) used to play on the floor of ruins in Reggio Calabria, where the mythical Medusa was portrayed. Gianni also wanted the company’s logo to symbolize petrifying fear and great beauty, and Medusa perfectly combines the two! His sister Donatella said that her brother used Medusa as “whoever falls in love with Medusa can’t flee from her”. If you’re in love with the brand, now you know why!

    Versace Logo Greek Mythology
    Source: Versace

    7. Artemis & Apollo

    Apollo was the god of the sun and light, and the absolute symbol of harmony for ancient Greeks! Artemis was the Greek goddess of wild animals and hunting, and the sister of Apollo.

    Inspired Brand: NASA’s Programs

    NASA just loves Greek mythology! Its latest 2023 effort to return to the moon is called the Artemis program. “That’s one small step for a man. One giant step for mankind”, were the words of Neil Armstrong as he first stepped on the moon during NASA’s Apollo mission in the late 1960’s.

    Even before that came NASA’s Mercury project, the agency’s first man-in-space attempt. Mercury is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hermes, always wearing winged sandals for mega-fastness as he was the gods’ messenger!

    Apollo Nasa Greek Mythology
    Source: Nasa Apollo

    8. Hermes

    The ancient Greek god Hermes was known as the messenger of the Gods! To be super fast, he was wearing winged sandals which became his divine trademark. Hermes was the god of Trade for ancient Greeks.

    Inspired Brand: Hermès Paris

    The world-famous French brand, which came to become a synonym of eternal French elegance and style, was named after the founder’s last name (Thierry Hermès), but is also linked to the ancient Hermes, god of messengers and commerce!

    Hermes Paris Greek Mythology
    Source: Hermès Paris

    9. Pandora

    Pandōra in Greek means the all-gifted, or all-giving. For ancient Greeks, she was the first woman Gods ever created by clay! Each of the Greek gods contributed, by gifting her with a unique quality. The very beautiful (but curious) Pandora opened a forbidden box, and released all evils to the world. Very quickly she closed back the box, and saved Hope for humanity.

    Inspired Brand: Pandora Jewellery

    The Danish jewellery brand was inspired by the ancient Greek Pandora, the perfect symbol of beauty, femininity, curiosity and of course, gifts!

    Pandora Jewellery Greek Mythology
    Source: Pandora

    10. Hercules

    Hercules was the son of Zeus, the father of all gods. After many adventures, he was punished by Hera (the jealous wife of Zeus!) to perform 12 Labors – these were all so difficult, that they seemed impossible! Hercules though managed to perform them all. He fought with fierce beasts, killed wild animals like the Nemean lion and even managed to clean the Augean stables in one day! 

    Inspired Brand: Hercules Tires

    There’s no better name than Hercules to symbolise sturdiness, resilience and strength, and that’s exactly what the famous tires company wanted its products to represent!

    Source: Hercules Tires

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