Winter snow fun in Greece

Families Enjoying Winter Fun In The Snow In Greece

    Greece is growing a reputation among ‘those in the know’ as a great place to visit for some winter snow. Some of our Kids Love Greece family recently visited in January, and thought they would check it out for themselves. Here’s a look at what they got up to.

    Skiing at Mount Parnassus in Greece

    Your first thoughts of Greece are?

    When most people hear the word Greece mentioned, they immediately think of sun-drenched beaches and beautiful islands surrounded by crystal blue waters. Few people would associate Greece with winter snow, and fewer still as a destination for winter sports. In January though, the winter skiing season is in full swing as our Kids Love Greece family discovered during their winter vacation near Mount Parnassus.

    Ski Resorts in Greece

    Mount Parnassus is one of the main ski resort areas in Greece, and is located a few hours drive from Athens. There’s lots of accommodation available for people looking for ski breaks in Greece, with the Elatos Resort and Health Club being one of the best for families due to it’s kid-friendly services, close proximity to winter sports activities, and cool chalets. We highly recommend Elatos Resort, and if you are interested in staying, we can arrange special packages for families that book through Kids Love Greece.


    Winter Sports in Greece

    Skiing is the most popular winter sport when staying at Elatos Resort during the winter, but there are also others to choose from. Ice skating looked great fun!

    We’re sure the Jacuzzi back at Elatos Resort was put to good use after a day out in the snow. At some stage though, there may have even been some marshmallow toasting if this fire is anything to go by.

    fire at Elatos resort

    Other things to do

    Whilst some people are happy to hit the slopes day after day when staying near Mount Parnassus in Greece, it’s always nice to have other options. Fortunately, there are two wonderful places within very easy reach of Elatos Resort which you can visit during your day. The first is Arachova, which is a very pretty town with a wonderful selection of places to eat and drink. The second is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Delphi – just a few miles away.

    Percy Jackson Mythology Family Trip 7-day Package kids love greece activities for families Delphi archaeological site


    Delphi was once an important center of the ancient Greek world, with pilgrims travelling from hundreds of miles away to listen to prophecies given by the famed Oracle. Today, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a popular day trip from Athens, but even more easily reached from Elatos Resort. The best way to fully appreciate this site, its importance, and also to learn more about ancient Greece is by taking a private family tour. Kids Love Greece can organise a tour of Delphi in the company of a family friendly guide whether you are staying in Elatos Resort during the winter, or Athens in the summer. Our family from Kids Love Greece certainly enjoyed the additional insights their guide provided!

    Guide at Delphi

    For more details

    If you would like more details about winter skiing in Greece or family vacations in Greece at any time of year, please contact our team through the chat box. You might also like to sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date with news, travel inspiration, and family vacation packages.

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