Milos island
Milos island
Milos island

Milos – The Greek island you’ve been waiting to hear about

    Milos – A Gem Waiting To Be Discovered

    Just why Milos flies underneath the tourist radar is a mystery. Perhaps the more famous neighbours of Santorini and Mykonos steal all the limelight, or maybe mass tourism simply hasn’t caught up with it yet. Whatever the reason might be, it’s resulted in Milos remaining unspoilt, authentic and genuine. This is the Greek island that Greeks themselves long to visit, and one which is highly worthy of consideration when planning a family vacation in Greece. If you’ve never heard of Milos before though, you might have a few questions.

    Where is Milos?

    Milos is one of the Cycladic Islands and can be reached either by direct flights from Athens or by ferry from the port at Piraeus. Milos also has ferry connections with Santorini, and many people choose to fly into Santorini and then take a ferry on to Milos. A vacation that combines both Santorini and Milos is a great idea for first-time visitors to Greece. This way, you are able to visit a ‘must-see’ island such as Santorini, and afterward visit a ‘hidden gem’ with far fewer foreign tourists.

    Milos – The name reminds me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it?

    You are probably thinking of the statue the “Venus de Milo”, which was found on the island and is now in the Louvre. Whilst you won’t be able to see the original on Milos, we’re confident you will find more than a couple of smaller versions to take home as souvenirs!

    Is Milos suitable for a family vacation?

    Absolutely! Milos is ideal for a family holiday for any number of reasons, ranging from beaches suitable for kids of a young age, through to the different activities that can be enjoyed there. Family-friendly accommodation is available all over the island, whether you are seeking a luxury hotel or private villa, and the laid-back atmosphere of Greek island life provides a supremely safe environment.

    Milos island family trip KidsLoveGreece

    What is there to do on Milos?

    You are in for a real treat! Milos has a lot to offer, and the biggest problem is not if there is enough to do, but the fact you may never want to leave!


    Milos has over 70 beaches to choose from. Some of these can only be reached by sea, some are more suitable for families with young kids than others, and some are ideal for picnics. The waters around Milos are crystal clear and clean, and during the summer months, warm and pleasant. Our top picks – Sarakiniko, Tsigrado, Firiplaka, and Paleochori beaches.

    Milos island

    Sail around Milos

    A stay on Milos is really not complete without taking at least one sailing trip! Kids Love Greece can organize a sailing trip around Milos which circumnavigates the island, revealing the very best of the best! If you’ve ever wanted to spend the day on a catamaran and taking swims in paradise locations, contact us today, and we’ll arrange it for you.

    Visiting the villages of Milos

    The deceptive simplicity of the Cycladic island villages is the stuff picture-postcards are made of, but on Milos, there is an added bonus. Kilma village combines unique architecture and colorful doors to make it a photogenic and romantic location to visit, especially if you can catch it at sunset.

    Milos island

    4×4 Road Trip Adventure

    If you want to see the island’s highlights including its most beautiful beaches, we recommend you to book our fully customizable Family Road Trip Adventure. Your driver will be a knowledgeable expert local who knows all the best places to see. The whole family will enjoy the sense of adventure as you meet the driver and then plan out the day’s activities. Perhaps you want to visit a traditional village, or swim on as many beaches as you can in one day? Would you like to see a monastery or explore the catacombs of Milos? You can decide on the day which activities you would prefer, and then our driver will plan the best route and take you there.

    Outdoor activities

    Hiking, kayaking, and sailing are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed when staying on Milos for a family vacation. We strongly recommend either taking or buying a mask and snorkel when there. Many happy hours can be spent swimming in the clear waters and looking at life beneath the surface of the sea!

    Visit the nearby Kimolos island

    If you want to see another beautiful Cycladic island, we recommend you to join our Day Experience to Kimolos. This Cycladic gem is a mini paradise with stunning beaches and pretty villages. Our road tour will give you a chance to experience both and also get to know the history and culture of the island because it includes visits to the Folklore Museum and Archaeological Museum.

    Food on Milos

    As Milos is more visited by Greeks than foreign tourists, you can be assured that the food here is of a very high standard! Tasty traditional dishes with an emphasis on seafood can be found at numerous coastal tavernas. A few of our favorite restaurants are Oh Hamos, Enalion, Barielo, Aggeliki (ice cream), Kivotos ton Gefseon.

    Where to stay on Milos?

    There is accommodation suitable for families with kids of all ages on Milos. Our advice is to stay in Pollonia, as opposed to Adamas. The beach is very nice, there are some very good taverns at the water-front and it is less busy than Adama (the hub of the island). A great choice for a family! There are no big hotels in Milos. It is recommended that you book early.

    Kids Love Greece work in partnership with a handpicked network of service providers, and we can organize accommodation based on your exact needs. Contact our team today, and we will be able to help you with your stay!

    In conclusion

    If you are looking for a low-key Greek island that has retained its authenticity but at the same time offers plenty to see and do for families, Milos makes an excellent choice. Include it into a grander Greek vacation itinerary, or even spend your entire holiday there – We’re sure you are going to love it!


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