best Cyclades islands for family vacations

The best Cyclades islands for family vacations

    The Cyclades islands are perhaps the most iconic of all the Greek islands. The images of whitewashed houses, blue-domed churches, and old windmills come instantly to mind. Which Cyclades islands are best for a family vacation though?

    Best Cycladic Islands for Families

    Before we start with this list of the best Cyclades islands for families, we need to make mention of Santorini, and why we haven’t included it here. The simple reason for this is that whilst it is certainly one of the most beautiful and stunning Cycladic islands, its lack of good beaches doesn’t make it the best choice for families when compared to the other Greek islands in the Cyclades.

    With that our of the way, here’s our choices for which islands in the Cyclades are best for families!

    Naxos Island

    A private island tour of Naxos

    Naxos is the largest Cycladic island and our number one choice for families. Big enough to have diversity and a range of things to do, not overly touristy (at least outside of August), and with some incredible sandy beaches, a family vacation in Naxos is a memorable experience. One day you could be horse riding, the next windsurfing, and the following day snorkeling in clear waters. And let’s not forget all that gorgeous food! With Naxos producing much of its own food, Greek cuisine has never tasted better!

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    A beach on Milos

    Although Milos has a reputation as being a ‘couples’ island, it does have several features which also make it ideal for families. One of those is the absence of nightclubs and a loud nightlife scene, which gives the entire island a relaxed atmosphere. The other is that Milos has over 75 incredible beaches to enjoy. From small, quiet coves to long stretches of sandy beaches, if you are a family of beach lovers, you’ll love your time in Milos!

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    Mykonos Island

    The Windmills of Mykonos

    OK, so Mykonos has gained a reputation as being a bit of a party island, but there are also quieter areas more suited for families. The ability to hire family villas is another big draw for vacations in Mykonos, as you can balance out privacy with being social. The beaches on Mykonos are beautiful, and the island is known for its upmarket service. Mykonos can be a great choice for families with older kids.

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    Kea Island

    two day family tour in Kea island cyclades kids love greece activities for families near Athens

    Although Kea is one of the Cyclades islands, it feels slightly different. Often overlooked by tourists heading to the more well-known islands, Kea is a good destination for families seeking authentic experiences in Greece. Agro-tourism and cooking classes are just two activities your family might love, and there are hiking paths, beaches, and water sports for more active types. We wouldn’t suggest spending your entire vacation in Kea, but a two or three-day break spent in Kea during your family vacation in Greece will be a lovely addition to your itinerary.

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    To find out more about family vacations in the Cyclades, contact the Kids Love Greece team today!


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    Kids will love

    • The amazing long and sandy beaches
    • The vibrant colors and local delicacies

    Parents will love

    • The unique Cycladic islands atmosphere
    • A family stroll in the picturesque alleyways
    • The whitewashed houses, the blue-domed churches, and the old windmills

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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      • Hello Victoria, thanks for your message. I agree and disagree with your comment. We have created the most beautiful family memories in Mykonos.. it all depends on where you go and stay and also what are your expectations… as well as your interests of your family. We always take everything into account before we recommend Mykonos (and other islands) to our clients. Thank you.


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