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What To Do in Paros With Kids

    Paros is one of the most popular and beautiful islands of the Cyclades complex, in the Aegean Sea. You and your family will love the phenomenal beaches and the traditional white and blue houses.

    In Paros, you will find all the ingredients for a special and unforgettable holiday, as it is a family-friendly island that offers numerous kid-friendly activities.

    Are There Any Family Activities In Paros?

    This great family destination offers you the chance to choose from countless fun and creative activities. From family-friendly water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving to scenic sandy beaches and outdoor activities.

    We gather all the amazingly interesting and fun family activities to answer your question about kid-friendly activities in Paros. Let’s explore the best activities when you visit Paros.

    1. Watersports and Sailing Trips

    Paros is synonymous with fun water activities! There are so many watersports to choose from. Let’s review some of them!


    You can explore the crystal clear waters of Paros by snorkeling and scuba diving. Paros offers crystal clear waters and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert in diving, because there is a lot to discover, like corals and colorful fish.

    boy scuba diving Greece CV


    Paros is a paradise for water sports activities. Have you ever tried kayaking on the sea? This is another exciting activity you will always remember and your kids will have so much fun! The breathtaking scenery along with the swimming stops will give you the freedom to feel and be a part of the nature around you. Besides, you can also go kayaking on Antiparos Island.

    Kayaking in Greece kids teen watersports


    Paros Island is a popular destination for windsurfers. Numerous windsurfers visit the island every year. The island offers the perfect weather conditions along with tranquil areas of breathtaking beauty and sandy beaches. The island offers excellent modern facilities and equipment for all categories of windsurfing. Moreover, if you visit the island in August, you can watch or even participate in the annual professional windsurfing race. Don’t miss the chance to learn how to tame the waves!

    Watersports windsurfing Paros Chryssi Akti

    Sailing in Paros, Antiparos, and Neighbouring Islands

    If you and your family want to explore other nearby islands, you can take a day trip to Antiparos, Naxos, or elsewhere.

    However, if privacy is important to you, choose a half-day trip with your kids and head to beaches only accessible by boat or discover hidden natural treasures like the caves of Antiparos.

    Food and drinks are also provided, so you can simply enjoy the day and create lifelong memories!

    Read here about our Sailing Trip in Paros.

    Learn more
    Paros sailing

    2. Horse Riding Experiences

    One of the most exciting and extraordinary activities for the whole family is Horse Riding. You and your family can take the ultimate horse riding tour along the beautiful coastline of the island with professional riders. Or you can opt for a swimming tour, visiting a number of local beaches and riding in the sea!

    Imagine taking the perfect photos and videos of this amazing experience. Your kids will love these friendly and beautiful creatures! This activity is recommended for older kids (7 years and older).

    Kokkou Horses Paros

    3. Family Hiking Tours

    If you consider your family active, then hiking is one of the best things to do with your kids in Paros. You and your kids will have the opportunity to hike through the most iconic, natural, and historical places on Paros and Antiparos.

    Both islands offer numerous hiking routes such as the Lefkes Valley, the Ancient Marble Quarries, and the Valley of the Butterflies.

    You can find routes carefully designed to suit your fitness level. You can also choose between different themed routes such as nature walks and cultural and archaeological walks. If you and your family prefer, you can take a walking tour that continues as a bike tour at a suitable point!

    You will be able to take countless photos and discuss with your guide different topics such as the flora, fauna, geology of the island, the history of the locals, and their habits.

    Paros Hikes

    4. Kid-friendly Cycling Tours

    Paros Island offers alternative ways of exploring with the family. Cycling tours allow you to discover the hidden natural treasures with your kids. There are many routes that are recommended for families. You will visit famous beaches, unique trails, and archaeological sites like the Acropolis of Naxos, which is set in a rocky landscape. Your kids will love the breathtaking views.

    Paros Hikes Bike and Hike

    5. Cooking Classes

    Paros is a famous Greek island not only for its beautiful and kid-friendly beaches but also for its local traditional food and products. You and your children will have the opportunity to cook under the guidance of professionals. Enjoy learning how to make local “meze” such as fried zucchini, tomato balls and the famous Greek tzatziki. You can also find out how Greeks make local small cheese pies. Experience the benefits of healthy Greek Aegean cuisine.

    Besides the local Parian food, you can surprise your palate with different kinds of Parian wines in local wineries. You will love the long wine history of the island and the accompaniments like local cheeses.

    Margarita Cooking Class Paros kid

    6. Stargazing Experience

    Explore with your kids the majesty of stargazing on a hill close to Parikia Port or on Antiparos Island. Through short and hidden pathways you will reach the hill which offers a breathtaking view and the perfect clear sky for stargazing.

    You will have the opportunity to learn and discuss the history of astronomy, and the constellations, and analyze astronomy facts and queries. Your kids will be thrilled with the Newtonian reflector telescope. With the telescope, you will see our celestial neighbor, the impressive clusters and nebulae, and much more. The experience is a simplified presentation without difficult astronomical definitions for amateurs or just lovers of the night sky.

    Read here about our Stargazing experience in Paros or Antiparos.

    stargazing Paros operators photo

    7. Kid-Friendly Beaches in Paros

    The beaches on each side of the island of Paros are amazing. You can find numerous different but suitable beaches for the whole family. There are the quiet and secluded ones with calm, crystal-clear waters. Other beaches are ideal for water sports with all the modern facilities, and still others to enjoy the quality local food and cocktails of your choice lying on a sunbed.

    The most kid-friendly beaches on Paros are on the south side of the island. Kolymbithres beach, Golden beach, Faragas beach, and Marcello beach are just some of the many organized beaches with golden sand and shallow waters. While enjoying your vacation here, try to visit as many as you can.

    Kolimbithres Beach Paros SH

    How To Reach Paros

    By Ferry

    You can travel to Paros by ferry from various Cyclades islands. You can take the regular ferry service between Paros and the ports of Athens (Piraeus and Rafina) with your family. The port of Rafina is closer to the international airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos”, while the port of Piraeus is closer to the heart of Athens. The journey takes up to 6 hours. You can also take a boat from various Cyclades islands such as Santorini, Naxos, Mykonos, and Heraklion (Crete).

    By Plane

    You can travel to Paros by plane from Athens International Airport and Thessaloniki “Makedonia” Airport. Since there are no air connections between Paros and European cities, you can fly to Santorini or Mykonos and then reach Paros by ferry.

    With Island-Hopping Packages and RIB Boat Transfers

    There are numerous private or small group island hopping cruises that will take you to Paros from various Cyclades islands or even from Athens.

    If you prefer private transfers with your family, you can travel between the islands and to Paros with RIB boat transfers. RIB boat transfers are an incredibly popular choice of motor boats that will get you to Paros faster than you think.

    Best season to visit

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