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Private Percy Jackson Mythology for Families 3-day Trip

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If your kids love the Percy Jackson books and films and you want to discover Greece, this is the ideal family trip. Our Private Percy Jackson Mythology for families 3-day trip combines the highlights of ancient Greece, Greek mythology and the places your kids know from Percy Jackson.

During this private trip, your family will be able to visit the most important sites such as the Acropolis, the Temple of Poseidon, Delphi, and Epidaurus, in the company of a licensed guide who is also a fan of Percy Jackson. Weaving together places and myths from Greek mythology with stories from the Percy Jackson books, the 3-day private trip itinerary is specially designed to provide a unique Percy Jackson experience tailored and customized to your family.

  • Private guided tours to the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum, The Temple of Poseidon, Delphi, Epidaurus and Nafplion
  • An English speaking licensed tour family-friendly guide fascinated by the Percy Jackson books
  • All transfers

The Percy Jackson-inspired private tours are a great way for you and your family to experience Greece at your own pace. Kids who know and love the Percy Jackson books have an extra dimension added to their Greek vacation, and adults appreciate the engaging way our guides present the various archaeological sites and activities.

We have hand-picked family-friendly guides trained in the stories and places from the Percy Jackson books. But even if some family members have never heard of Percy Jackson, these tours are great for families who are looking for a private, authentic, and meaningful experience to explore Greece.

We can fully customize your private trip and adjust it to the ages of your kids.  Sometimes the fixed tour dates just won’t fit into a busy schedule the way you’d like. With a private tour, you can schedule your vacation for when it works best for you.

Take the trip you want, the way that you want it!

3-day itinerary Percy Jackson Mythology Trip

  • Day 1: Highlights of Athens, and the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion
  • Day 2: Visit the Oracle at Delphi
  • Day 3: Epidaurus and Nafplion

Day 1

Your trip starts and ends in Athens, meaning that you do not have to swap hotels each night. Transfers will be arranged for you, and we will provide fully licensed guides to accompany you at each archaeological site and point of interest. We can also book accommodation for you (optional).

Morning: Acropolis and Acropolis Museum (4 hours)

In the morning, your Percy Jackson trained private guide will take you to the famous sacred hill of the Acropolis, “the most ancient temples to the gods, in the middle of Athens…” as Percy Jackson says.

Explaining what the Acropolis was for and weaving together tales from Greek mythology, your guide will show you the Parthenon, the sanctuary of the Goddess Athena. You will be astonished by the magnificent views and learn that the temple was dedicated to Athena, the city’s patron. The various myths and stories related to the Acropolis and narrated by our experienced guide will keep your kids captivated throughout your tour at the Acropolis. If you are a fan of Percy Jackson, you will also see the spot where Athena (the mother of Annabeth) and Poseidon (the father of Percy) fought!

Your family will also be using a virtual time-traveling gadget that will take you back in time. Through technology, you will find out what the ancient monuments of the Acropolis used to look like in ancient Greece.

Next, you will have a chance to admire the findings of the Acropolis in the Acropolis Museum, one of the most famous and most important museums in Europe and the world.  Your licensed family guide will keep the kids engaged by the storytelling and interactive games while telling you more about the exhibits.

Late afternoon: Athens Riviera and Temple of Poseidon (4 1/2 hours)

In the late afternoon, a talented tour facilitator (not licensed tour guide) who will be there to add fun to your afternoon, will take you to visit the magnificent Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion and watch the majestic sunset! If your kids are Percy Jackson fans, they will know that Poseidon was the father of Percy Jackson & the Greek God of the Sea. Did you know that in mythology, this temple was also the place where Aegeus threw himself into the sea when he saw the black sails of the ship and believed that his son Theseus – who had gone to Knossos to fight the Minotaur – was dead? For this reason, the sea here was called the Aegean Sea!

The drive to Cape Sounion is approximately 1 1/2 hours, however, before visiting the Temple of Poseidon for the sunset, there will be time for a swim at the thermal lake of Vouliagmeni (summertime) or visit Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (autumn/winter), a buzzing urban escape in Athens.

Day 2

All day: Delphi archaeological site and museum (2 1/2 hours)

Our guide will meet your family at your hotel and will take you by luxury vehicle to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delphi, located 2 1/2 hours away from Athens. During the road trip, your guide will go into some history and legends that surround this mysterious complex.

Known as the Navel of the World, Delphi became the most important religious center and sanctuary in the ancient Greek World. During your tour, we’ll reveal who the Oracle was and offer different theories behind the religious rites practiced here. We’ll also talk about the connections between the Percy Jackson books and the Oracle at Delphi.

Delphi Greece SH

The origins of the Oracle of Delphi are shown in Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods. Originally, it was a spring that whispered the future to those who listen. The Oracle of Delphi appeared when Percy Jackson was told by Chiron to get a prophecy, so he could go on a quest. If you are a Percy Jackson fan, you may remember the old Oracle in the book The Last Olympian: I foresee the future. I cannot change it” 

You will also visit the ancient theatre, an ancient stadium and the museum. Our engaging guide presents the site and museum in a way that not only explains what you are seeing but also fires up the imagination. You’ll easily be able to picture yourself as a pilgrim making their way to Delphi, or even as an athlete taking part in the games here.

Percy Jackson Delphi with family friendly guide 6



With a stop-off at a local village for lunch, awesome viewing points, and countless photo opportunities, the second day of our Percy Jackson trip is one you’ll never forget.

Day 3

Today’s private tour program is filled with the UNESCO world heritage site of Epidaurus and the beautiful town of Nafplion for lunch and a walking tour.

Your family will be picked up from Athens by your private vehicle and make your way towards the Peloponnese region of Greece. After one hour,  we will stop off at the famous Corinth canal. This incredible world wonder of architectural skill is a good place to take photos and stretch your legs.

Ship crossing the Corinth Canal in Greece at sunset time

After our stop, we will head to our first destination of this third day which is the archaeological site of Epidaurus. Your private guide will show you around Epidaurus, a large archaeological complex with two main features. The first of these is the ancient theatre with its incredible acoustics. The second is the Asklepios healing sanctuary, considered one of the first hospitals in Greece. If your kids are fans of Percy Jackson, they may know that Asklepios was the God of healing from the Rick Riordan book ‘The Blood of Olympus’.

Antique Epidaurus theater, Peloponnese, Greece

Our final destination of the day is the town of Nafplion. Nafplion was the first capital of Greece and is often described as one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. Romantic Nafplion has beautiful narrow streets with colorful flowers, outdoor cafes and a laid-back atmosphere.  Your private guide will take you on a 1-hour walking tour and show you some hidden gems, the main attractions, and take you to the best ice cream shop in town. When it is time for lunch, our guide can suggest several local taverns and restaurants.


After your afternoon in Nafplion, you will head back to your hotel in Athens.

Book your private Percy Jackson Mythology Trip or an unforgettable premium program and fun family holiday in Greece.

Disclaimer: The Percy Jackson tour to Greece and its promotion are not sponsored by Rick Riordan or Disney*Hyperion and they specifically disclaim any legal obligations or responsibilities for the tour.

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  • Hi,
    We fly out to Athens on 5th – 9th April and already have accommodation booked. We are looking at the Percy Jackson 3 day family trip starting on 6th April if you have availability?
    It would be for 2 adults and 2 boys aged 8 and 10. Our children have been learning about Greece in school which lead us to read the first set of Percy Jackson books which we really enjoyed.

    Can you let me know the cost of this tour and if you have availability?

    Many Thanks

    • Dear Charlotte,

      Maria G just sent you an email regarding the itinerary we follow for the 3 day Mythological Tours inspired by Percy Jackson. That can be arranged on a private basis or as part of a small group. There is already a small group scheduled for April, 6-7-8.

      Monday, April 6th
      Percy Jackson Acropolis & Acropolis Museum
      Afternoon Excursion to Cape Sounio

      Tuesday, April 7th
      From Athens: Full-day Delphi Trip inspired by Percy Jackson

      Wednesday, April 8th
      From Athens: Percy Jackson Epidaurus & Nafplion Walking Tour

      Maria G is at your disposal in case you have any questions or need any clarification.

      Thank you.
      Katerina (on behalf of the Kids Love Greece team)

  • Please send me info about Percy Jackson family tour. Thank you.

    • Dear Bronwyn,
      Thank you for your interest in our Private Percy Jackson Mythology for Families 3-day Trip. Maria will email you more information about it ASAP.
      Thank you,
      Katerina (on behalf of the Kids Love Greece team).

    • Hi! We are planning to visit Greece Winter season 2024 and just wondering if your private Percy Jackson tour is available winter time? If it is, can you send me the details of tour? It is a bit early but pre-planning would help save time and money in the end.

      • Hi Brian! Thank you fro requesting more information bout our Percy Jackson 3-day Trip. This is a great way to explore the key locations related to Percy Jackson. Please note that Konstantina has already reply.

  • Service was amazing. Tours were fantastic for our nine year old and us! Had a wonderful time

  • Hello,

    My family and I set to travel to Greece in the last week of March 2022. We will be in Athens for approximately two weeks. Our kids are HUGE fans of Percy Jackson. Thus, we are interested in finding a Percy Jackson-themed tour. We have 5 children; ages 17, 15, 13, and twin 11-year-olds. We are interested in learning more about the 3-day tour. Additionally, we would be interested in learning what tour options are available for Mykonos as well. Thank you and I look forward to your correspondence.

    • Dear Sean,
      Thank you so much for your interest in one of our best selling tours “Private 3 Day Percy Jackson Trip”. We cannot wait to welcoming your family to Greece and show them around all archaological sites that inspired Rick Riordan to write the Percy Jackson books. Maria Giannouli has already sent you all information about the program as well as our options for your family in Mykonos.
      We are at your disposal in case you need any questions,
      Warm regards,
      The Kids Love Greece team

  • We will be in Greece the week of May 30 and are interested in going a Percy Jackson 3 day tour. Does this include transportation? Can you provide advice on lodging.

    • Hello Chris! Thank you so much for your interest in our Percy Jackson Day Trip. This is one of our favorite Percy Jackson activities. You will definitely have a great time as a family. Maria has already sent you an email with all info you need. Looking forward to your email. All the best.

  • Hi,
    We are very interested in the 3-day Percy Jackson tour August 2-5, 2022. Our kids 12 & 14 are huge Percy Jackson fans and your tours come highly recommended from their friends! There doesn’t seem to be a group 3-day tour scheduled for our dates. Is a private tour possible? If so, what is the cost?
    Many thanks,

    • Hello Alyssa! Thank you so much for your interest in our private Percy Jackson Tours. You will definitely have a great time as a family. Maria has already sent you an email with all info you need. Looking forward to your email. All the best.

  • We are planning a trip to Athens to do Percy Jackson tours – the dates are not definite but probably 14,15,16th July 2022 so I would like the best price of a 3 day tour and also the best price for separate day tours for 2 adults plus 2 15 year olds. To e.g. Delphi, Athens, Sounion, Epidavros? Thank you

    • Hello Gill! Thank you so much for your interest in our Percy Jackson tour. This is a great experience for you and your family. You will definitely have a great time. Maria has already sent you an email with all info you need. Looking forward to your email. All the best.

  • We are interested in a private 3 day Percy Jackson tour august 21-24 2023. two adults and three kids – age 12,8,6. the 12 year old has read all of the percy jackson books over 20 times. Would love to receive info about availability and pricing. thank you.

    • Hello Miriam! Thank you so much for your interest in our 3-Day Percy Jackson tour. This is a great experience for you and your family. You will definitely have a great time. Maria has already sent you an email with all info you need. Looking forward to your email. All the best.

  • Hi there, we are coming to Athens the week of March 11-15. There are only two of us. Can you offer your three days tour then? we could be either private or in a party. My daughter is 10 and she read EVERYTHING Percy Jackson

    • Greeting from Greece Elina! It’s great that you are interested in our Percy Jackosn 3-day Trip. This experience is ideal for your knowledgeable kid! Konstantina has already reply via an email. All the best by the Kids Love Greece!

  • We’re interested in more information on the 3 day Percy Jackson tour for July 1st-3rd. 4 people, 2 adults, 2 tweens: 11 and 13.

    • Hello Jamie! Thank you for your question about our Percy Jackson tour. You will have a great time with your family in Greece. Konstantina has already sent you an email. All the best by Kids Love Greece team.

  • Hi, we are family with 2 boys, ages 12, 13 who are in athens first March 31-April 3
    Want to have itinerary.
    Thank you

    • Hello Meera! Thank you fr your interest in our Percy Jackson 3-Day trip.This is a fantastic way to explore most of the places related to the Percy Jackson book series. Konstantina has already reply to you via email. We hope you have a great trip to Greece.


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