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Cretan Hospitality: one more reason to visit Crete…

    If there’s one thing that sets Greece apart from every other holiday destination on the planet it’s the warmth of the Greek people. An open heart and genuine hospitality is part of our DNA. We probably inherited it from Zeus Xenios, the ancient patron of hospitality. We can’t help it – Greeks love company!

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    Cretans are the friendliest folks in the country – and that’s saying something. Many travellers soon become regular visitors to this wonderful island and many of them develop long-lasting friendships with the locals. You can truly feel at home here, even if you come from thousands of miles away. If you think we are biased, well, we’re not the only ones who think so!

    Eat With is a global community based on the magic of shared meals and hospitality. Travellers anywhere in the world can meet up with local hosts to share an authentic, home-cooked meal together. It’s a fabulous way for travellers to take in the living, breathing culture of the country they’re visiting. For a host it’s a wonderful way to meet new people and share his culture with the world.

    To us it seems only natural that the inspiration for this amazing website, Eat With, came as a result of Cretan hospitality. Here is the story:

    The founder of Eat With was visiting Heraklion four years ago when he was invited to have dinner with a local family. They welcomed him into their home and served him ‘makaronia me kreas’ (spaghetti with braised beef), a hearty local specialty. They spent the evening eating, drinking, laughing, and telling stories. He got a taste of Greek culture that was more vibrant and authentic than anything he’d seen before. Even though he’d travelled the globe and eaten at the ritziest restaurants, this simple experience was unforgettable. When he got home he decided that everyone should have the chance to experience eating with locals in other countries just  as he had. And so, Eat With was born.

    We can’t wait for Eat With to spread to the rest of Greece and we can’t imagine a better way for foreign visitors to experience genuine Greek hospitality and real Greek food. Can you?

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