Harry Potter themed birthday eParty with a Greek Mythology twist

    Make the best present to your kid by offering them an online Harry Potter party with a Greek Mythology twist! Let us know when your kid’s birthday is and we will do the rest.

    This 1-hour eParty is the ideal gift for your kid to celebrate his/her birthday! During the party, your kid will celebrate with their friends in real time, with many fun activities and crazy magical happenings! The magic and mystery of Harry Potter will come alive during the party and the kids will have a day to remember! 

    First, we will send a personalized magical invitation to all friends and build expectation with a fun quiz! During the party, the kids will join all dressed up with the colors of their favorite House of Hogwarts. The party will be hosted by a Greek expert and a true Harry Potter fan! 

    During the eParty there will be mystery, magic potions and spells, surprises and dance! It is the ideal way for your kid to celebrate their birthday during this lockdown period and create beautiful memories with their friends!

    What’s included: 

    • A Greek expert host, broadcasting live from Greece
    • Online personalized invitations to friends
    • A tailored quiz before the eParty for building expectation
    • Interactive and fun activities during the eParty
    • A pdf file with basic materials the kids will need for the eParty
    • A personalized gift to the birthday boy/girl sent by mail
    • A recipe for a homemade Harry Potter themed birthday cake
    • A pdf file with perks and photos on how to easily adorn the house with Harry Potter decorations for the day of the party
    • Photographs (screenshots) from the eParty
    • The recording of the eParty for your e-album

    Families should know

    • This eParty is ideal for kids being Harry Potter fans. If some friends have not read or watched Harry Potter, there is no need to worry. There will be plenty of time to watch the 1st movie till the party!
    • Access to a PC/laptop/tablet and internet connection are required. Younger kids should have an adult nearby during the eParty to provide technical support.
    • Having the Zoom Meeting application installed is a plus, but not required.

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    Kids will love

    • Celebrating their birthday and sharing fun moments with their friends
    • The magical happenings and activities during the eParty
    • Reliving the magic of Harry Potter and becoming wizards themselves
    • Discovering connections between Harry Potter and Greek Mythology

    Parents will love

    • Seeing their birthday boy/girl celebrating their birthday with their friends
    • Offering an excellent solution and idea for a birthday party during the lockdown
    • Having the ease of mind that everything is taking care of and there are no extra costs

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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