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The best Greek songs to bring you right back to Greece

    Do you miss Greece? Are you dreaming of those hot summer days in a Greek beach, your island adventure to Crete, or warm evenings under the Acropolis in Athens?

    Greece and Greek culture has been a go-to subject for all sorts of artists including musicians. So it’s no surprise there have been many popular and classic songs and music written about Greece. From nostalgic and subversive locals who capture the real essence of life in emotional songs to foreign visitors who fell in love with the Greek islands. Greece is a magnet for outsiders and natives and the music below listed are some of the absolute best pieces according to us. 

    Anyone who loves music can tell you about the power of a well-curated playlist with songs that bring back memories. So step into a mental journey and out of your living room with this line-up of Greece-inspired sounds to stay home with.

    Happy listening!

    Spirit of Greece

    The vibrant and powerful music of Greece comes with a colorful playlist of traditional and classical songs. Mix up your music choices with this Spirit of Greece, a diverse playlist built on one common memory: Greece. With a wide variety of songs, including Zorba’s most famous sirtaki, this playlist is an escape to the Greek tavern on your favorite island.

    Greek Band Bouzouki Hits

    When golden-sand beaches, whitewashed houses and electric-blue water seem out of reach, play this Greek Summer Band Bouzouki Hits playlist for an instant pick-me-up. Put on your dancing shoes because this mix of dance music and slow jams will get you moving. Travel to Greece with the ultimate Greek musical instrument, the bouzouki!

    Classic Greek Cinema Songs

    No Greek summer without the open-air cinema. Greeks love watching movies under the stars, and there are plenty of places to do so. Almost each town or city in Greece opens up for summer movie watching and it is really a wonderful experience for locals and tourists alike. If you do not understand Greek cinema, why not listen to its beautiful songs instead. Here are a few of our favorites.

    Greek Music 2023 – New Songs and Best Greek hits

    For teens and party animals missing the Greek beaches, some much-needed sun and siesta, here is a playlist that can help set the mood at home. Make some refreshing (non-alcoholic) cocktails to the sounds of new Greek songs such as the very popular Eleni Foureira or Pantelis Pantelidis and the best Greek hits in Greek and English.

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