Crete for food lovers

    If you’re looking to taste a slice of the good life, look no further than Crete. This food lover’s paradise is the perfect destination for your family to discover Greek cuisine.

    Crete is the largest of the Greek islands, and perhaps most well known for its key archaeological site of Knossos. There’s far more to the island than just ancient history though. Traditions and culture that stretch back hundreds of years have given the people distinct traits, and nowhere is this better reflected than in its food!

    Good food is everywhere in Crete. Whether it’s a simple Dakos eaten at lunch in a mountain village or a seafood feast at a coastal taverna, the choices are endless.

    The quality of the food is second to none, and the prices are sometimes so low that you’ll think they added the bill up wrong in your favor! One thing’s for sure, you won’t go hungry on a family vacation in Crete!

    One of the best ways to get a taste for Greek food in Crete is through a food tour. In the company of a local guide, you will be shown delicacies specific to an area and learn how small family businesses are essential in keeping traditions, recipes, and quality alive! Here’s some of our favorite family food tours in Crete:

    Chania Family Food Tour

    gastronomy local culture sustainability Natural treasures of Crete family half day tour kids love greece activities for families Chania Crete

    This tour is based around the concept of a small group exploring the streets of Chania – one of the prettiest towns in Crete. It’s ideal for families who are keen to savor the sights, sounds, and tastes of Crete as you explore the streets and neighborhoods of Chania. Part walking tour, part food tour, the chance to sample locally produced foods along the way is a great introduction to both Greek food and Chania itself.

    Find out more here: Chania Crete Family Food Tour

    Rethymno Family Food Tour

    kids love greece activities for families Crete gastronomy local tastes Rethymno Gourmet Trail Family Food Tour

    Take a walk through the oldest neighborhoods of Rethymno with a local foodie who knows all the right places! This family-friendly tour specializes in places the locals eat themselves, enabling you to eat and drink the best products of Crete. Get chatting to local vendors, tickle your tastebuds, and fall in love with the food of Crete!

    Find out more here: Rethymno Gourmet Family Food Tour

    Heraklion Family Food Tour

    kids love greece Heraklion bites and sights family food tour activities for families Crete

    Heraklion is the capital of Greece, and also a center where the best food from around the island arrives! As such, Heraklion can be a foodies paradise. With cute cafes and tavernas hidden down obscure backstreets, selections of locally produced olive oil and cheese, this walking tour also give an introduction to Heraklion. If you’re only in town for a short period of time, we’d suggest visiting Knossos and the museum in the morning, followed by this amazing food tour in Heraklion!

    Find out more here: Heraklion Tasting and Sights Family Food Tour

    Are you interested in finding out more about family food tours in Crete? Contact the Kids Love Greece team, and we’ll help you choose the best places to go!

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