fun activities for kids in Crete with Kids

Fun activities for Kids in Crete – Happy Family Vacations in Greece

    We all know that vacations with kids can be a bit of a balancing act. You need to combine the things you’ve always wanted to do and see along with keeping the kids interested, happy and active. Fortunately, Greece offers plenty of options which we’ve included here in our fun activities for kids in Crete!

    Visiting Crete with Kids

    If you’re looking for a few fun activities to include during your family vacation in Crete, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we list some of our favorite things to do with kids in Crete. You can book them as part of a family travel package to Greece, or even just a couple of days before. The Kids Love Greece team is always here to help, and you can contact us through the chat box on this screen!

    Percy Jackson Tour of Knossos and Archaeological Museum in Heraklion, Crete

    Knossos family guided tour kids love greece Crete Percy Jackson Mythology Family Trip 7-day Package activities for families

    We’ll start with a tour that has proven to be very popular over the last couple of years – our Percy Jackson Tour of Knossos and Archaeological Museum in Heraklion. We’ve found this to be perfect for families visiting Crete, as it appeals to different members of the family in different ways.

    The kids will love how the guide explains the archaeological site in a fun way, and also mixes in stories from Greek mythology and of course the Percy Jackson books. Adults will appreciate the unique insight into the most important historic site on Crete. Everyone comes away happy!

    River Trekking Outdoor Family Adventure in Crete

    River trekking in Crete with Kids Love Greece

    If you are a family of adventurers with kids who could be the next Bear Grylls or Indianna Jones, make sure to allow time for our river trekking experience in Crete! During the day, you will walk, swim, scramble, and climb through a gorge on the way to a monastery that offers stunning views of the Cretan sea. You’ll end the walk where the river meets the sea and then enjoy one more final swim of the day before returning. More details in the linked tour!

    Bakery Class and Village Life – A True Cretan Experience

    Bakery Class and Village Life – A True Cretan Experience

    We often describe Crete as one of the most authentic Greek islands. Life goes on here much as it has done for hundreds of years, and village life away from the tourist hotspots remains unchanged.

    Our Cretan Booking Class for Families is a fantastic way to experience this for yourselves, and your kids are sure to love it! There’s a chance to get hands on in a bakery class, and there’s plenty of homemade treats for the kids to try. It’s also a valuable experience for them as they get to see a little more of Cretan culture and life.

    Family Evening Tour in Chania Stargazing Greek Gods and Stars at Night

    Family Evening Tour in Chania Stargazing Greek Gods and Stars at Night

    Our final suggestion is one that kids of all ages will love. Our Stargazing Greek Gods and Stars at Night tour combines astronomy,

    Greek mythology and astrology as you explore the sky at night! There’s the chance to see and learn about the constellations, see planets in the solar system, and listen to myths thousands of years old. This is all topped off with a delicious meal at the end of the evening – the perfect way to finish a day in Crete with your family!

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