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Greece with kids: Fun ideas for the best family holidays in Greece

    A family holiday in Greece isn’t just about the places you visit. It’s about the experiences you have when there. We hope these fun ideas of how to enjoy your holidays in Greece with kids will inspire you to have the best vacation ever!

    Percy Jackson Tour of Athens – Acropolis + Museum + Temple of Poseidon

    Ideas for your next family holidays in Greece

    Organising a Greek travel itinerary is only half of the planning for your next family vacation in Greece. Now, you need to decide what to do when there!  Fortunately, we’ve got some great ideas for how to have a fun and enjoyable time in Greece with kids. We’ve also got some short video clips to share with you as well!

    Make Archaeological Sites Interesting

    Just because you have dreamed of seeing the wonders of the Ancient Greek world, doesn’t mean that your kids have the same dream! Whilst the archaeological site of Knossos may be fascinating for you, your kids might feel a little bored with it. Or will they?!

    By taking a tour with Kids Love Greece of Knossos, (or most other major ancient sites in Greece), we’ll keep the kids engaged as we show you all around. In fact sometimes, they like aspects of the tour you wouldn’t have thought about. Check this video out, and listen to what the kids loved most about the tour!

    Live the experience

    Good memories are created by a combination of listening to a story and living the experience. Although being shown around a site or attraction is great, if you can create an emotional connection, everyone will remember it more clearly.

    This is why many of our tours involve interactivity, and perhaps one of our favourite activities is the Olympic Workout in Athens. Take a look below to see how our family enjoyed their time discovering all about the Olympics in Athens!

    Mix it up

    You don’t need to settle on just one theme for the day. Variety is the spice of life after all, so why not try a few activities in one day? When on holiday in Santorini with your family for example, you could visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri in the morning, visit a winery at lunchtime, and then finish the day with a sunset cruise of Santorini. This could be you!

    Percy Jackson Adventures in Greece

    For fans of the Percy Jackson series of books and films in Greece, we’ve got something even more fun to offer. Why not try one of our Percy Jackson themed tours and excursions? These are available as complete Percy Jackson vacation packages, or as single day trips which you can just slot into your existing Greece travel itinerary.

    Our Percy Jackson tours are a great way for kids to learn more about ancient Greece. By explaining where the stories in the books took their inspiration from, and then showing the kids different parts of Greece, we help to bring the ancient world alive for them. If you are interested in exploring Greece with kids on a Percy Jackson tour, contact our team through the chatbox, and we’ll tell you more about it!

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