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Our Family Tours In Greece Explained – Kids Love Greece

    As Greece travel planning specialists, we offer a number of different tours and packages for family vacations in Greece. Many of these have been uniquely created and can’t be found anywhere else. Others may appear similar to tours on offer elsewhere, but differ in subtle but significantly important ways. Here’s our family tours in Greece explained!

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    Greece Family Travel Planning Specialists

    Kids Love Greece was created by Greek moms who wanted to share their passion for Greece. Realising that there was an absence of other travel companies specifically catering for families, we set about seeking partnerships with trusted companies in the Greek tourism industry.

    Explaining our concept of how family travel has different demands and needs from general tourism, we then created a series of tours and packages designed solely with families in mind.

    What sets our tours apart

    Whilst we can provide options for our clients to join group tours, we really concentrate on private family tours in Greece. This way, you have the full attention and focus of the guide, and your individual needs are catered for.

    This personal touch is more friendly, and without exception leads to a unique and memorable experience in Greece. No one likes being just 4 people in a group of 50 people touring the Acropolis! You’ll be on first name terms with your guide, and the kids will feel completely included in whichever tour you are on.

    The benefits of a private family tour in Greece are:

    • A more personal experience
    • Friendly guides 
    • Cultural insights
    • Flexibility 
    • Tours held at a more relaxed pace
    • Some tours can be adapted on the day depending on circumstances

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    Different Types of Tours in Greece

    Of course, many people offer private tours of the archaeological sites in Greece. So we wanted to take it a step further. We decided to create unique experiences and ways of seeing the sites that really help to take your Greek vacation to the next level.

    Our Percy Jackson themed tours are a great example of this, and if your kids are fans of the Percy Jackson books they’ll love them!

    The Percy Jackson themed tours are unique to Kids Love Greece and a partner we work closely with. Unavailable anywhere else, our guides have special training not only related to family tours but also the Percy Jackson themes and Greek mythology.

    The Percy Jackson inspired tours of Greece are special because:

    • All of our guides are trained to keep kids engaged during the tours by using technology, games, riddles, role playing. We believe in educating kids while they are having fun.
    • Our guides have been trained to incorporate into our tours myths and stories mentioned in the books of Riordan, hence, the name of the tours “Mythological Tours Inspired by Percy Jackson”. As you probably know there are many misconceptions in Rick Riordan’s books in terms of Greek Mythology and many kids think that some of the myths in Riordan’s books are real Greek mythology (which are not). Our guides are fully aware of that and try to get things straight! :-)

    What if you are not a Percy Jackson fan?

    We have plenty of other tours to choose from! Let’s use the Acropolis tour as an example.

    1. Percy Jackson tour of the Acropolis and Museum – Our unique tour of the Acropolis and Acropolis museum in the company of a fun and knowledgeable guide. Using ancient Greek myths and referencing stories from the Percy Jackson books, you can expect an engaging tour that everyone will love. Perfect for – Percy Jackson fans and families interested in Greek Mythology.
    2. Private Family Guided Tour to the Acropolis – Visiting the Acropolis only, our family-friendly guide will show you around the archaeological wonder that is the Acropolis.  Sharing stories from the Greek myths, no reference to the Percy Jackson books are made.  Perfect for – Families who want to discover the Acropolis through story telling and the 3D apps on tablets.
    3. The Mythological Tour Small Group – A small group tour which does not consist entirely of families (it all depends on the day). It covers a visit to the Acropolis, Ancient Agora and Temple of Zeus. Whilst the guides are kid friendly, there is no way to tell if there are other families sharing the tour. Perfect for – Families looking for a budget option when seeing the Acropolis and Museum. Not recommended for families with young kids.

    As you can see, these are 3 very similar tours, but on closer inspection actually offer 3 very different experiences. As you might also expect, there are price differences between the 3 as well.

    Booking a family tour with Kids Love Greece

    We hope that this short explanation about our different family tours in Greece has been of some use. Whether you would like to find out more about a single tour or a complete vacation package, our team is always here to help. Contact us today through the chat box on this screen and we’ll get back to you. You might also like to try out our ‘Design your own trip‘ feature – a fun way to begin planning your next Greek vacation!


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