Mom taking picture of kid taking picture in Santorini
Santorini 180 degrees view
mom and son in street of Santorini resting
Santrorini caldera view
girl on the beach Santorini
Santorini view from volcano
Santorini Perissa beach sunset
Santrorini volcano and ferry boat

Santorini for kids

    The moon-like shape of the island

    Before you come to Santorini draw your kids’ attention to the peculiar shape of the island. Maybe they will be able to figure out that Santorini’s moon-like shape is a result of the devastating volcano eruption that affected the island a very long time ago. Did you know that you can actually visit the volcano while in Santorini?!

    Santorini island satellite view

    The pretty town of Oia

    When in Santorini, everyone wants to see the island’s landmark: the white village of Oia. This pretty village of never-ending narrow streets, nooks and crannies is a great place to explore. Even if walking the streets is not your children’s favourite thing to do, here in Santorini they may be excited to play hide-and-seek.

    The village will attract everyone’s attention with its blue and orange rooftopscolourful windows, small doorsdecorated walls, and funny sculptures. The views in Oia are spectacular and its a great place to watch the sunset.

    Ancient Ruins

    If you crave for more adventure, then definitely visit Akrotiri – the oldest prehistoric settlement in the Aegean Sea. Your kids will feel they went back in time as they step into the ancient city ruins. The town looks gloomy as if it has just been struck by a huge earthquake. In fact, it was devastated by Santorini’s volcano.

    Beaches in Santorini

    The beaches on the East coast of the island are safer, longer and more family-friendly than on the other sides of Santorini. You can take the kids to Red Beach, located on the southern part of the island near Fira. The red rocks give the beach its unique reddish colour and the water is warmer due to the constant volcanic activity. However, the access to the beach is rough and steep so you may as well just decide to admire it from the cliff.

    Families should know

    • Santorini gets crowded and it is easy to lose track of your children, especially when you visit Oia in the summer.
    • The western part of the island is rocky where huge cliffs and deep waters make it almost impossible for kids to swim. If you do decide to have a swim in Oia, monitor your little ones at all times as the water gets dramatically deep just after a few meters from the shore.


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    Kids will love

    • Reddish sand on the Red Beach and its volcano-heated waters
    • Exploring the narrow streets of Santorini
    • Looking for pieces of natural pumice

    Parents will love

    • Wandering the white washed streets of Oia
    • Buy souvenirs and admire local arts and crafts
    • Trying local food and delicacies in many taverns and restaurants

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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