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pier of Thessaloniki infront of White tower
Thessaloniki pier at night
White tower and pier Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki arch
aerial view port of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki night aerial view
pier of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki’s Coastline: Natural Glamour

    Thessaloniki, also known as the Nymph of Thermaikos, is a seaside city with a coastline spreading almost 5 kilometers (an almost 2-hour walk). Let us be your guide during a beautiful walk by Thessaloniki’s Coastline, and show you its historical importance as well as its opportunities for relaxation.

    A walk by Thessaloniki’s Coastline begins at the port. Hosting limited passenger ferries and majestic cruise ships, this port is located right across from the famous district of Ladadika, and you and your family can enjoy the beginning of your walk, taking in the port’s cobbled roads.

    It should be stressed that throughout this walk our compass — old but accurate — is the most famous road in Thessaloniki, Victory Avenue. Along Victory Avenue or the “Old Coastline,” as it is called, you will find a plethora of cafes where you and your kids can take a moment and relax while gazing at the view of the sea and enjoying a good beverage.

    Moving along, we reach into the heart of downtown Thessaloniki, Aristotelous square. It is a big open square where (depending on when you visit) you might see small-scale fairs in summertime or ice rinks in wintertime.

    The next noteworthy stop you should make is Thessaloniki’s trademark, the White Tower. The almost 600-year-old Tower used to be a prison during the period of the Turkish occupation. Now, turned into a museum, the White Tower has been modified in order to tell the city’s 2,300-year-old story.

    White tower and pier Thessaloniki

    And now an insider tip: Just a few meters from the White Tower you can find ships docked, which are not like the ones you usually see. These ships follow routes inside the port while you enjoy a beverage. You just need to choose the ship you like, board it and wait for it to follow its route. On each one, you just pay for your drinks and simply take in the beautiful view of the city (this time from the opposite side).

    As we continue our tour, we reach the heralded statue of Alexander the Great. Thessaloniki is the largest city of Macedonia, and as proud ancestors, Thessalonicians honor Alexander the Great with this grand statue of him riding his steed.

    Moving on you will find the “New Coastline“, a vast, recently built shoreline that offers three worthy stops for families.

    The first step recommended is the Sailing Club. There you are given the option of relaxing with a beverage before resuming your long walk.

    The second stop is at the seaside playground. It is a spacious area where you can rest while your kids play on a seesaw, at the swings, or build castles in the sandbox.

    Lastly, for the boldest visitors, there is the Music Hall of Thessaloniki, which marks the end of the coastline and the walk.

    A seaside walk by Thessaloniki’s Coastline is a wonderful experience with its sea view and multiple activities (coffee drinking, playing, sightseeing) that let you and your family actually discover something new.

    Families should know

    • The walk is recommended only during spring and summer
    • Because the walk is long, young children may tire
    • Along the coastline there are a lot of street vendors selling toys, sunglasses, etc
    Address: Thessaloniki Coastline

    Kids will love

    • The outdoors and activities
    • The view of the sea

    Parents will love

    • The many activities that can be enjoyed during their walk
    map Explore the map

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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