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5 Ideas for family spring breaks in Greece

    Here are 5 ideas to help you plan a family spring break in Greece. From cycling in Athens to visiting a volcano on Santorini, we’re sure you’ll love Greece in Spring.

    If like us you think winter has dragged on forever, don’t wait until the summer for your vacation! Spring is an ideal period to visit Greece. You get the benefits of pleasant weather combined with fewer other travelers, which means it’s the ideal time to visit places such as Santorini. Here’s 5 ideas for a kid-friendly spring break in Greece we’re sure you are going to love.

    1. Take a cycle tour around historic Athens

    Athens can become notoriously hot during the summer months, and on the very warmest days, it take a big effort simply to walk along the street! Spring, however, is an ideal time to visit. Pleasantly warm compared to more northern countries, it is the perfect time to undertake a more physical activity, such a tour of Athens on bike. This is great fun for all the family, and the kids will love seeing the sites in Athens as they turn the pedals along pedestrianised streets!

    See Athens by Βike Family biking activity in Athens specially designed private city tour kidslovegreece Greece children sightseeing Acropolis experience amazing bicycles cycling monuments

    2. Swim in a thermal lake

    Now, we’re not going to promise you that the water in Greece is warm enough to swim in during the spring! Although some brave souls may try taking a dip, we’d say that the waters really only get warm enough from the end of May onward for kids. Some hotels and resorts may offer heated swimming pools, but if staying in Athens, you might like to take a trip to Lake Vouliagmeni to swim in the thermal waters. You could even combine this with a trip to the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion to see the sunset!

    Swimming in a thermal lake near Athens

    3. Visit Santorini

    Whilst some Greek islands ‘close’ for a few months each year, tourism on Santorini never really stops. Spring is our favourite season to visit though, as tourist numbers are 30% lower than at other times of year. You can still see all the major attractions of course, such as visiting the volcano, and Kids Love Greece operate family tours and activities on Santorini all the year around.

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    4. Celebrate Easter

    Greek Easter falls on different dates than many other countries around the world due to the Orthodox church following a different calendar. It is an interesting time to visit Greece, as Easter is the most important religious festival of the year. You can expect many different sorts of processions and ceremonies in churches all over the country, and there are also particular foods and customs followed at this time of year. Greek Easter in 2018 is April 8th.

    5. Take a road trip in Greece

    If you’ve ever thought of taking a road trip in Greece, spring is a great season for it. The comfortable temperatures make life in the car pleasant, and it is very easy to find accommodation at very short notice. This means that whilst Kids Love Greece can plan your accommodation for you, you do also have the option of being flexible with your route even at the last minute.

    mythological family road trip in Greece kids love greece

    For more information on family vacation ideas in Greece during spring, contact the Kids Love Greece team. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have, so we can start planning your Greek spring break today!

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    • If crowds aren’t your thing, spring is a great time to visit! There are plenty of things for families to enjoy. It’s also a good way to save a little bit of money, since it’s not peak season.


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