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What snacks to eat in Thessaloniki with your children

    ‘Happiness rarely keeps company with an empty stomach’, said Helen Keller. And we can not agree more with her. It also seems that Thessalonians have fully enforced this saying, even if some of them have never heard of it. And, why is that? Because Thessaloniki is one of those traveling destinations which can satisfy every traveler’s food desire, from children to grown-ups. So, let’s take an inside look into Thessaloniki’s unique snacks… the perfect snack options for any family member.


    The mother of all pastries in Thessaloniki, bougatsa (or bogatsa), has been a pleasant addition to the locals’ morning coffee. Filled with cream, cheese or minced meat, bougatsa’s layers of phyllo will certainly grow on you and your family. But, Estrella Cafe (P. Mela 48, Thessaloniki 546 22, tel: +30 231 027 2045) took this local snack to a different level; they created bougatsan. A pioneer chef mixed things up a little by marrying bougatsa to croissant with cream filling. And the outcome? Delicious! All you need is an open mind and a spoon… and Bougatsan will steal your heart. Located in downtown Thessaloniki, Estrella is the only place where you can taste this innovative street food snack.

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    Koulouri Thessalonikis

    This round-shaped snack is one of the simplest snacks you can give to your children, but they will still love it. It is made out of four simple ingredients: flour, water, yeast and sesame. Since it is Thessaloniki’s trademark snack, it can be found everywhere, from small street vendors with rolling carts to bakeries. Let us not forget its greatest advantage: it can be eaten anywhere.

    koulouri bread greek snack


    You might start to get full, but the snack tour is not quite over. Our next stop is tsoureki. Despite the fact that tsoureki is quite popular during Easter, it can be found in the city of Thessaloniki  all year around. It is a type of pastry which can be both salty or sweet, although, we must admit that its sweet version is our favorite.

    And, of course, its variations do not stop there; Tsoureki can be filled or plain, covered with topping or just sesame. The best place to enjoy tsoureki is Terkenlis. His long tradition in tsoureki along with his secret recipe makes this snack the best possible choice in Thessaloniki.

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    Kids will love

    All the delicious snacks… which cater to even the fussier child

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    The variation… it is not coincidence that Thessaloniki is considered to be the culinary capital

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