Team work love van and kids love greece community service

Kids Love Greece: Making a Difference in the Community with The Love Van

    Kids Love Greece working alongside the Love Van

    Volunteering and Giving Back to the Community are causes very close to the hearts of the Kids Love Greece Team.

    In collaboration with the amazing Love Van, in 2023 we launched a series of coordinated actions to assist those in need. We are deeply grateful to Love Van for their inspiring work and for giving us the opportunity to be a part of their meaningful mission. Their dedication to making a positive change in the lives of others is truly commendable.

    Our first community service with The Love Van – July 26, 2023

    We first cooperated with the Love Van in July 2023 to assist those in need in Athens. Engaging in this act of volunteering enabled us to lend a helping hand to those enduring challenging times.

    Together, adults and children of all ages, we cooked in a cozy kitchen in Keramikos, packaged the food in individual portions, and distributed them in local communities in central Athens that we felt needed our unconditional support.

    This community service act allowed us to connect with the heart of the city and offer a helping hand to those facing difficult times.

    See below some photos of the event on July, 26th 2023.

    Experiencing the tangible impact of our efforts, especially alongside our children, was an incredibly powerful moment. It reminded us of the significance of compassion, solidarity, and the strength that arises from a united community.

    As we stood side by side with our children, we realized the profound impact that even the simplest acts of kindness can have on individuals and families in need. It was a humbling experience that touched our hearts, and we feel more determined than ever to continue supporting such initiatives.

    Love Van event kids and adults Athens July 2023
    Kids Love Greece & The Love Van teams, July 2023
    Kids Love Greece and Love Van cooperation, July 2023

    Special Thanksgiving Event in Athens: Community Service organized by Kids Love Greece and Love Van

    Are you considering traveling to Athens, Greece this Thanksgiving? Join Us for a Heartwarming Thanksgiving Celebration!

    This Thanksgiving, we’re coming together with the Love Van in Athens once again. In these challenging times, we’re more determined than ever to give back to our community and embrace the genuine spirit of Thanksgiving.

    If you live in Athens or plan to spend Thanksgiving in Athens, we extend a warm invitation to you and your children to join us in a delightful and meaningful activity: cooking and delivering food to individuals who are experiencing hardship (homeless).

    WHEN: Thursday, November 23 at 4 PM

    WHERE: 18, Aigaleo Street, Keramikos / Google pin HERE (very near to the Keramikos metro station)

    Let’s unite for a Thanksgiving filled with compassion and community spirit.

    To read more about our community engagement and partnership with Love Van, read our article on Making a Difference in the Community with Love Van.

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    What is the Love Van and what does it do?

    In 2018, Makis Kalaras, a Paralympian who won the silver medal, and Lefteris Paraskevas, an ultramarathon runner who was volunteering during the Athens wildfires, both recognized the urgent need to assist people dealing with challenges efficiently and effectively.

    After a series of remarkable journeys, the Love Van emerged in early 2020 with a clear mission: to support those in need and raise awareness about the issues that impact all of us.

    The Love Van supports families in need by offering fundamental essentials, including food, clothing, and books. Moreover, it coordinates clean-up projects in wooded regions, runs campaigns to provide financial assistance, and ensures that 200 homeless individuals in Athens receive sustenance on a weekly basis. During the past 3.5 years, the Love Van has mobilized over 150 volunteers and provided assistance to numerous families and individuals who require help.

    the love van team, 2022
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