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Virtual Tours and Resources for Greece

    Let’s face it, a family trip to Greece is an irreplaceable experience, and while stay-at-home orders mean we can’t go exploring just yet, we can bring Greece to our homes in the meantime.

    From celebrity chef-led cooking classes to live streams of concerts to virtual tours of museums — Greece has responded quickly to “social distancing” orders, making it easier than ever to travel to Greece without leaving home. So add these virtual experiences to your quarantine bucket list for the ultimate staycation.

    All these online and virtual tools are also great resources for those families who like to research their destination thoroughly before they visit. So let’s plan together your next trip to Greece and start daydreaming and traveling from your own home.

    Online Workshops and Classes for kids

    We, at Kids Love Greece, believe that online mythology classes and virtual tours are the next best thing to being in Greece. They offer a wonderful way to enrich your kids’ knowledge about the history, mythology, and art of Greece on your own couch. From mythology Trivia to cooking experiences, our team is offering plenty of online events that have been specifically designed for kids of all ages.

    Mythology lovers will enjoy the interaction and the myths broadcasted live by our expert guides in Athens, who are simply passionate about Greek history and culture. And believe us, they really know how to share their passion and enthusiasm. Fans of Harry Potter will realize that Greek myths have been a real inspiration for J.K. Rowling and they will be impressed by the connections between Greek mythology and this famous series of books.

     Photo showing the topic of a Greek mythology online class and virtual tour in Greece

    And of course, all these online events include many fun surprises for the kids. At the end of every single class, their happy faces and their impatience for the next online meeting show how much fun they had. And this means the world to us as we are convinced that we use our love for Greece in the best way.

    Moptil 3D Acropolis Tour App

    Kids Love Greece Moptil partner offers an Acropolis 3D Virtual tour about the Ancient site of Acropolis. With this App you will have the opportunity to see the Acropolis in full 3D view and reconstructed as it was in antiquity with colors, statues and ancient Greeks. You will actually see temples that have not survived through the centuries and you may even step inside to admire the giant ivory statue of Goddess Athena. It is really breathtaking!

    Photo showing the topic of a 3D virtual tool tour in Greece Acropolis Parthenon online

    All parts of this application have been supervised by a selected team of archaeologists. Kids will be able to zoom into the details of the features and admire even more the architecture of Ancient Athens.

    We will never forget how impressed our kids felt when they first experienced this amazing tool. It developed further their imagination and helped them recognize even more the significance of this monument.

    The Moptil application is perfect even when you travel from home. Of course we will make sure you experience one when you actually visit the Acropolis. After all, we are experts when it comes to family friendly guided tours in Greece.

    Kids Love Knossos

    The Palace of Knossos in Crete is among our favourite ancient sites in Greece. The minoan civilization has been remarkable and the Minoans were real pioneers in every aspect of their life. We have created a great Audio Guide for kids that helps them learn everything about Knossos in the most fun way.

    Photo showing the topic of a audio guide mythology virtual tour in Greece Knossos Glaucus stories KidsLoveKnossos

    Glaucus will be your host, a cute minoan boy, who knows all the myths and secrets of the Palace. With just one click you will meet characters and heroes that lived in this fascinating place. And if you are brave enough, you will face the scary Minotaur.

    360 Tourist.Net

    A well known website that offers virtual walks all over the world. And of course Greece could not be excluded.

    It works like Google Street View, so as soon as you click on the Greek flag 165 virtual tours will be unfolded in front of you. From monasteries to little ports and from hotels to picturesque alleys, you can explore lesser known parts of Greece in different times of the day. Our favourite ones are during the sunsets, as all sites look prettier during the golden hour!

    The quality of the images is really high and the panoramic views ensure the best result. So in overall it is a great option to see places and islands that you have never visited before and get inspired for your next sally.

    Museum of Cycladic Art

    The Museum of Cycladic Art has some of the most important collections in the world. The museum is now offering an online tour of its landmark exhibition ‘Cycladic Society: 5,000 Years Ago’. Presented as part of efforts to mark the museum’s 30th anniversary, the online exhibition explores the structure of Cycladic society during the Early Bronze Age (3200 to 2000 BC), the natural environment, the occupations of the islands’ inhabitants, their social or religious customs and their beliefs, through selected items of the early Cycladic culture.

    Benaki Museum

    Focused on greek culture from the prehistorical to the modern times, the Benaki Museum is among the must visit places in the center of Athens. So all museum fans are really excited that it offers online audio tours for all different exhibitions.

    photo showing the collection of Greek culture online virtual tour in Benaki Museum Athens Greece

    Besides the greek culture over the centuries, you may also experience online the Ghika Gallery , the Yannis Pappas studio and the Islamic Art exhibits. After all, what makes the Benaki Museum so unique is the fact that it has recognised the influences of the various invaders and celebrates all their foreign impacts on the greek culture.

    The educational programme of the museum is called Benakids and has incorporated also online options for the little friends of the Benaki Museum. Do not forget to read the letter of the toys of the museum and reply back if you wish. We simply love it’s spirit.

    We really hope you will be able to visit the Benaki Museum as soon as possible. You should also visit the gift shop. It is absolutely amazing and offers high quality replicas and ecxellent contemporary collection of gifts.

    Greece from home

    Greece from Home was a platform that was launched during Covid-19 in 2020 by the Greek Tourism Ministry, the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and Marketing Greece in an effort to promote Greece and the Greek culture virtually.

    and offered with videos of Greek personalities, such as Stephanos Tsitsipas and Antetokounmpo brothers.

    In one YouTube Channel you may find out all about Greek-inspired music, mythology, cuisine, arts, crafts, fashion, sport and style. There are some videos of Greek personalities, such as Stephanos Tsitsipas and Antetokounmpo brothers.

    You will also love the selection of videos of destinations and experiences from around Greece. So don’t forget to tune in daily in order to stay connected with Greece and get inspired by the talent of the Greeks.

    Google Arts & Culture

    This department of Google presents content from over 2000 leading museums and archives. All these foundations have successfully partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to bring the world’s most famous museums, sites and other cultural attractions to the comfort of your living room.

    Explore ‎360° videos of Greece and visit the new Acropolis Museum, Naxos or Ancient Corinth.

    the temple of Apollo ancient Corinth family guided tour kids love greece Peloponnese Percy Jackson Mythology Family Trip 7-day Package activities for families

    Acropolis Museum

    The new Acropolis Museum is one of the most important archaeological museums in the world. It’s modern architecture matches perfectly with it’s great exhibits from Ancient Athens and create a remarkable site in the heart of the city.

    With the help of digital technology, the museum has opened a new channel of communication with its fans. The virtual tour offered online is a great opportunity to explore the multiple aspects of its exhibits and galleries.

    On its website, families can explore the museum through its exhibition halls. Through Learning Resources, the museum website connects to online games for kids and other digital educational platforms.

    photo showing the virtual tour in Acropolis Museum Athens

    Clio Muse Self Guided Virtual Tours

    Clio Muse started it’s business with self guided tours in Athens. Several of them have been awarded and all of them provided a great selection of real satellite and street view images of the monument and its surroundings.

    Photo showing the audio guide virtual tours of Clio Muse

    When COVID 19 became a part of our lives, the company moved forward and created next generation virtual experiences. The list of tours include all the important sites of Athens, such as the Ancient Agora, the Acropolis, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the most important museums of the city. So sit comfortably in your place and get ready to move forward, backward, turn towards and gain an interactive 360° virtual experience in Athens.

    Athens on Google Street View

    Who hasn’t tried to find a place on Google Street View? Kids love to look things up on Google Street View. Travel to Athens and explore ancient old monuments and the Acropolis from the comfort of your sofa. Let the kids decide on the route and follow them into the picturesque streets of Plaka, Monastιraki, and the impressive Syntagma square!

    National Geographic

    We simply love the motto of National Geographic: “We teach kids about the world and how it works, empowering them to succeed and to make it a better place” . What could be more inspiring than this phrase?

    We have one more reason to clasify the National Geoghraphic on the top of our favourite list. It has created an online collection using various resources that teaches kids – and adults- about Ancient Athens and it’s great influence in the whole world over the centuries. And as they claim, the western civilization would never be the same without the impact of greek democracy and legacy. This tool makes us feel so proud of our ancestors and their accomplishments.

    Acropolis tablets kids love greece Athens Ancient Agora family guided tour Percy Jackson Mythology Family Trip 3-day Package

    You Go Culture

    All mythology lovers should visit this beautiful in design website. It contains videos and virtual tours of the most significant monuments in Athens. The videos highlight in the best way the history and mythology of Greece, while the music background matches perfectly. The site emphasizes also in greek culture, arts and crafts.

    photo showing the virtual tours and videos of you go culture

    Explore Greece with a Greek Mythology Movie

    Let’s admit it, the movie time is one of the best family moments. Kids enjoy so much watching a film with the parents and is always a great chance for relaxing and chat. So if your kids love greek mythology, prepare a big bowl of popcorn and select one of the following movies:

    Wrath of Titans has many fans and is the sequel to the Clash of the Titans. Gods have lost their hold over the fierce and legendary Titans, so Perseus takes the difficult role to rescue Zeus and the whole human race. After all, greek heroes are brave enough to face the scary Titans. And if your kids still have questions after the movie, join our Greek Mythology Online Class. They will learn all about the Creation of the world and the battles of Titans and Olympians.

    Troy and 300 are among our all times classic Greek mythology movies. Certain scenes might be too violent for young kids, but they carry all the greatness and legacy of the ancient Greek warriors. And of course, the Percy Jackson films are always a great hit for mythology lovers.

    Greek Mythology Books for kids

    Greek mythology stories are a great educational tool. Greek mythology is stories about gods, kings, and heroes and often relate to the creation of the world and sometimes its future destruction as well. They tell how aspects of nature and men were created. They depict the relationships between various gods and between gods and men. To make these concepts accessible for young kids, we recommend the books listed in Books about Greek Mythology.

    Our kids love in particular the books of Percy Jackson.

    Acropolis Virtual Tour

    The Virtual Tour of the Acropolis is a web application that allows the views to explore the archaeological site of Acropolis in the most interactive way from home. The app offers an Acropolis Virtual Tour that consists of high-resolution photos and panoramic images.

    Toys and Games about Greek Mythology

    Toys and Games about Greek Mythology are a great way to educate your children about Greece and Greek Mythology. Click on the link to find our favorite toys and family games related to the wonderful world of Greek Mythology.

    Greek mythology toys and games

    Greek Cooking Lessons

    Greece is known for its unique cuisine, and the ingredients that are used plays a big part in that. Greek food is rich in fruits and vegetables, legumes, breads, and meats such as lamb. Here’s a look at some of our favorite resources for Greek cooking:

    Akis Petretzikis if a renowned and popular Greek chef famous for his many TV cooking shows, recipe books, magazines and a weekly webcast called ”Kitchen Lab” and “Akis Kitchen” on YouTube where he shares all of his recipes in English. A wonderful workshop that is gradually evolving into a dynamic, multicultural, multifaceted land of flavors and aromas!

    Jamie Oliver does not need an introduction, here he shares his favorite Greek Greek food recipes.

    On the Kids Love Greece Blog, you can find Greek food insights and interviews with Greek food bloggers and chefs sharing their best family recipes. Here are some of our favorites: Interview With A Food Blogger: Meet Eirini Zevelaki, Food Vlogger & Blogger of PaxxiInterview With A Food Blogger: Meet Syllia from 30 Days of Greek FoodIs it tsoureki, challah or brioche? Interview with a Blogger: Meet Amber from Provocolate! and, Interview With A Food Blogger: Meet Katerina From Katerina’s Kouzina

    Learn Greek Online

    Sta Ellinika is an Initiative of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies at SFU and made possible thanks to the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. The youtube sta ellinika is a fun platform with Greek Language and Culture courses.

    Ellinopoula is an excellent and innovative e-learning platform with unique content to make Greek for kids exciting! Kids can learn Greek in a safe and motivating environment, one step at a time. It is full of fun games, engaging videos, and thousands of interactive educational activities steeped in Greek culture. This way kids are excited to share their Greek language discoveries with their classmates. The platform caters to the specific needs of kids at different levels of learning and also takes them by the hand to learn one step at a time. Furthermore, Ellinopoula features tools and settings that enable parents and teachers to monitor each kid’s, or group’s, progress and share their joy of discovering the Greek language.

    Duolingo is a language program and it also offers Greek bite size lessons and games. Learning a language on Duolingo is completely free, but you can remove ads and support free education with Plus. In Duolingo, you can earn virtual coins, unlock new levels, and watch your fluency score rise as you master new words, phrases, and grammar.

    Klik Sta Ellinika comprises useful, functional options that allow learners to learn and practise modern Greek quickly and easily. But that’s not all, when you start this course you lay the foundations for your Certification in Modern Greek!

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