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The Best Family Tours in Naxos

    Naxos is one of the most family-friendly islands in Greece. One way to get to know the island better is through our family tours of Naxos. Here’s a taste of some of the Naxos tours we offer.

    The Greek island of Naxos

    We are often asked which Greek island we recommend for families, and one of our favorites is Naxos. It offers the perfect combination of great beaches, culture, and food that goes toward making a memorable family vacation in Greece.

    Naxos town on the Greek island of Naxos

    Whilst it’s perfectly possible to hire a car and visit different parts of the island on your own itinerary, we’d suggest taking one of these family day trips in Naxos.

    A private island tour of Naxos

    If you’re only visiting Naxos for a short while, or would like an introduction to the island right at the start of a longer stay, this private island tour is ideal.

    Fully customizable so that you can include any interests you have, our knowledgeable local guides will give you an insightful excursion of Naxos.

    During 8 hours, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the main highlights of Naxos, discover a few hidden secrets, and appreciate life on the island. Some of the places you could work into your itinerary include:

    • The Venetian Castle
    • The Temple of Apollo (Portara)
    • Olive Press Museum
    • The Temple of Dimitra
    • And more.
    The Windmills of Naxos

    Take a look here for our Family Private Tour of Naxos.

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    Discover the food of Naxos

    Greek cuisine is one of the best-kept secrets about Greece! Be adventurous, steer away from what you know, and you will uncover culinary delights that tickle your tastebuds.

    If you have never tried Greek food before, one of our food tours is the best way to start.

    A guide to vegetarian and vegan food in Greece

    Family Food Tasting Tour in Naxos

    This family tour of Naxos combines a walking tour of the Old Town with tastings of local specialties. During the tour, you will be able to taste the local cheese, regional as well as national dishes, and lots of fresh, tasty produce. There’s even a stop by a candy store for the kids to try candy and find out how it is made.

    This family walking tour of Naxos Old Town gives a deeper appreciation of the island, as you get to hear about the stories behind each local business, and how for some, food is not just a passion but a way of life!

    Take a look here for our Family Food Tour of Naxos.

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    Family Cooking Classes in Naxos

    Learning about Greek food is one thing. Learning how to cook it yourself is something else entirely! This hands-on family activity in Naxos is suited toward families who want to spend a few hours having fun in the kitchen and create their own Greek dishes.

    In addition to the cooking class, you’ll learn about village life, and enjoy a family picnic underneath a shady tree. Make sure to take your phones and cameras for some classic family moments!

    Naxos Kids Cooking Class for Kids Love Greece

    If you would like some advice and assistance in planning your family vacation in Greece, contact the Kids Love Greece team today. We’ll help put together an itinerary designed just for you!


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    Kids will love

    • The amazing long and sandy beaches
    • A family stroll in the Venetian Castle
    • Learning how to cook traditional Greek dishes


    Parents will love

    • The family atmosphere of Naxos island
    • The delicious traditional cuisine
    • The beautiful villages on the island’s mainland

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • Hello and Happy New Year!

      My family and I are coming to Naxos May 24-29 2022. We are a family of 7 (5 children ages 13, 11, 11, 8 and 6). We are staying in an Airbnb near Agios Prokopis. We would like to have a day to go inland and see the villages Chalki, Damalas and Philoti as well as hike Mt. Za. We would also like to possibly do some type of cooking/baking with our family. We were planning on not renting a car because they don’t seem to have cars big enough for us. Is there a way to hire a driver for the day?

      One day we would also like to take a cruise around Naxos and go to Rina Cave. We would love for it to be private but are okay if its can’t be.

      Thank you for your help!
      Megan Lehr

      • Hello Megan,
        It is so lovely to hear that you are going to Naxos with your family. You will have a BLAST! Maria Giannouli has already sent you all information about each of the activities that you mentioned. All of them are fantastic!
        Looking forward to your response,


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