• Greece with Kids: A Family Guide
  • Greece with Kids: A Family Guide
  • Greece with Kids: A Family Guide
  • Greece with Kids: A Family Guide
  • Greece with Kids: A Family Guide
  • Greece with Kids: A Family Guide
  • Greece with Kids: A Family Guide
Greece with Kids: A Family Guide
Greece with Kids: A Family Guide

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Athens Our Top Selections

Greece with Kids: A Family Guide

Is it time to start planning your next vacation to Greece? Have a look at this Kids Love Greece Family Guide and get inspired for a Greek family adventure!

Why visit Greece with Kids?

Few countries in the world are as family-friendly as Greece is. Greece has the perfect combination of great weather, incredible beaches, history, culture and outdoor activities. Greeks love kids and they are welcome everywhere. Greece has something to do for each member of the family. The Kids Love Greece team has created a list with top things to do in Greece. Are you not convinced yet? Contact us at Kids Love Greece, we are happy to share our passion and experience in travelling in Greece with kids with you.

Where to travel in Greece with Kids?

Some areas in Greece are more suitable for families than other and offer specific family activities. We’ve listed the main areas on mainland Greece and the Greek islands. For more inspiration and information about regions in Greece, contact us, we are here to help!


Monastiraki square view of Acropolis

Athens is a must for families visiting Greece. It is home to the famous Parthenon, where kids will have great fun climbing the Acropolis rock and imagining how life must have been 2000 years ago. The Ancient Agora is another archaeological site where kids will enjoy themselves. Other kid friendly highlights of Athens include watching the Changing of the Guard, taking some time in the National Garden or having a snack in the Little Kook fairy tale-themed cafe. What else can you do in Athens? Kids Love Greece organizes a full range of family friendly activities including guided tours, family cooking workshops, kayaking, cycling, sailing tours and farm visits. Have a look here for more ideas!

Cycladic Islands

girl shooting photos in Santorini

If you have an image in your mind of what a Greek island looks like, it is probably one of the Cycladic Islands. White-washed houses, blue-domed churches, sparkling seas with crystal clear water – you get the picture! The most popular islands are Santorini and Mykonos, but there are many more. Naxos for instance, is also a popular destination for families. There are many kid-friendly activities in the Cycladic Islands such as water sports, hiking, and family cooking workshops. The archaeological site of Akrotiri on Santorini and the ancient temple at Delos are two important historic attractions for families.


kids love greece activities for families family road trip in Crete

If there is one island which has it all, it’s Crete. The largest of the Greek islands, it is almost a country in its own right, with its own culture, traditions, and even regional accent. The most famous archaeological site here is Knossos – home of King Minos, the Minotaur, and the fabled labyrinth. There are plenty of other sites to explore, such as Venetian castles and the site of Phaistos, where an undeciphered disc was found. Will your kids be the ones to reveal what it says? Kid-friendly activities on Crete – Crete has everything such as outdoor activities, trekking, canyoning, water sports, mythological tours and archaeological sites. Perhaps its strongest point is that Crete is an ideal destination for a genuine and authentic Greek experience. If you ever wanted to see how life on a Greek farm is or cook local dishes with friendly locals, then Crete is the place to visit!

The Peloponnese

ancient Olympia ruins KidsLoveGreece.com

Many Greek myths and stories of ancient cities origin from the Peloponnese region. The powerful and advanced Mycenaean civilization is the best example. This region is especially recommended for families interested in ancient and historic sites. When you add in Greece’s rich Byzantine and Venetian legacy of castles and cities, the sheer depth of what there is to see in Greece with kids becomes apparent. The Peloponnese in Greece is a great area to explore during a road trip. Kid-friendly activities in the Peloponnese are outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and caving as well as archaeological and mythological activities. Agritourism is also popular in this part of Greece. The Peloponnese has long golden coasts with excellent beaches ideal for families with kids.

Northern Greece

Plaka bridge Tzoumerka KidsLoveGreece.com

Let’s not forget the Greek mainland! Important centres of Ancient Greek civilization such as Delphi, Thebes, and Mount Olympia are key places to visit on a mythological tour of Greece with kids. The area around Ioannina is popular with families looking for active holidays, the magnificent monasteries at Meteora are a place of wonder, and the beaches on the west coast of Greece are pristine and unspoiled.

Top activities in Greece with Kids

Ancient Greece for kids – The fun way

Whoever said that visiting archaeological sites and museums was boring has obviously never visited Greece before! Do it the right way, and your kids will be super excited with what they have learned during their Greece visit. Key is to keep kids engaged. That is why Kids Love Greece have selected kid-friendly guided tours to all the major archaeological sites in Greece.

Acropolis Parthenon Family vacation KidsLoveGreece.com

When visiting Athens, we strongly recommend our family tour with tablet and 3D app so that the kids can see the Acropolis the way it used to be. The interactive tour of the Ancient Agora in Athens is another must-do when visiting Athens with kids. With an enthusiastic local guide who specializes in family tours, your children will love discovering Ancient Greece!

The Ultimate Mythological Adventure in Greece

Percy Jakson trident pegasus and acropolis KidsLoveGreece.com mythology tours

If you want to take your Ancient Greece adventure to the next level, we have put together some great mythological tour packages, which we’ve themed as The Percy Jackson experience. If your kids are already fans of the Percy Jackson books, then they will love this! The idea is to weave in the tales from ancient mythology throughout the vacation. They will learn all about the mighty Minotaur, the Greek Gods such as Zeus, important centres such as Delphi and a lot more. If neither you nor your kids have heard of Percy Jackson before, we’d suggest getting them into it now. This will really fire them up for their time in Greece!

sea kayak activity kidslovegreece.com

Water sport and outdoor adventure

Whilst the ancient history of Greece is an important factor, there is more! Many people never see an archaeological site during their vacation in Greece. They’re too busy enjoying time on the beach, having fun playing sports, or taking part in other outdoor activities. In Greece, there is a lot to choose from.

Water sports – With over 6000 islands, there’s a lot of coastlines in Greece, and this has opened up literally endless possibilities for water sports. During your vacation, the kids can try water-skiing, surfing, snorkelling, scuba-diving, windsurfing, parasailing or kitesurfing. They could try a different water sport every day, and still leave some untried for the next vacation!
Outdoor activities – Leaving the sea behind, the varied landscape of Greece is an incredibly inviting place for anyone who loves outdoor activities. Ranging from gentle pursuits such as walking and family city bike tours in Athens, to full on multi-day hikes and caving, there is an outdoor activity to match every adrenaline level!
Workshops – Another way to keep the kids busy during their time in Greece is to sign up for a family workshop or two. You can learn how to bake local delicacies, make your own art, or even try your hand at pottery.
Cultural Experiences – There is a growing agritourism industry in Greece, where locals are keen to share their knowledge and traditions that have been passed down for generations. Take part in an olive harvest, herd goats, learn about medicinal herbs, make your own cheese, or even stomp grapes into wine the old-fashioned way!

Find out more about vacations in Greece with Kids

Kids Love Greece is specialized in creating tailor-made vacations for families looking to visit Greece based on their interests. To get started, have a look here and leave a request for a family proposal.

Let us help you plan your dream vacation in Greece!

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