The Best Things to do in Crete with Kids

    Take your pick from these kid-friendly activities to do when visiting Crete during your next family vacation in Greece. Here’s the best things to do in Crete with kids.

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    Crete for Kids

    Crete has a very different approach to catering for kids than other countries do. Instead of kid-friendly menus, you can expect tasty home-made cooking. Instead of fake theme parks, there’s cultural experiences, and there’s a general sense of social inclusion simply not found elsewhere.

    This is the Greek way of life, and of course just one of the many things that attracts people to Crete each year.

    Top things to do with kids in Crete

    Everyone needs a starting point when it comes to choosing the best things to do in Crete with kids. Here’s our top suggestions.

    Visit Knossos

    The palace of Knossos is so famous, it doesn’t really need much of an introduction. What perhaps does need mentioning, are our special family tours designed with kids in mind.

    Our carefully chosen guides use interactive games and puzzles to make visiting Knossos an experience your kids will always remember. They’ll come away having learned a lot, and most importantly, having had fun!

    What about a Private family guided tour of Knossos and pottery workshop?! You can also consider taking a Percy Jackson tour of Knossos.

    Fun outdoor activities for kids in Crete

    Crete is a veritable playground for family outdoor activities. From sailing and wind-surfing, through to mountain bike riding and river walks, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for outdoor activities for kids in Crete, take a look here – Family outdoor activities in Crete.

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    Greek National Football Museum in Chania

    Are your kids football fans (or should we say soccer fans)? If so, they will love the Greek National Football Museum in Chania! Whilst Greece has yet to win a World Cup, they have appeared in 3 finals, as well as numerous European competitions.

    This interesting museum documents the history of the national team and contains shirts from the players, balls from significant matches, and more. A must for soccer fans, especially for families of Greek heritage!

    Cultural Activities such as Cooking and Pottery

    Looking for a way to get the phone out of your kid’s hands? Try one of our creative cultural activities.

    We offer all types of workshops, including pottery making, silk printing, and cooking classes. This provides everyone with the chance to perhaps learn a new skill, but to also connect with the history and traditions that have been passed down for generations in Crete.

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    Agia Marina Donkey Rescue Sanctuary

    Located at the South West of Moires between the villages of Petrokefali and Sivas, the Donkey Sanctuary is on the road to Matala. This means you can visit here on the way to seeing the amazing Matala Caves.

    This is a wonderful project that supports rescued and abandoned donkeys. Your kids will have the chance to enjoy time with the animals, and of course any donation would be welcome in order to continue funding the sanctuary.

    Find out more here – Agia Marina Donkey Rescue Sanctuary

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    Donkey Rescue Agia Marina Crete Facebook

    Have fun on the beach

    No family vacation in Crete would be complete without spending time on some of the incredible beaches! You can check out our top recommendations for family-friendly beaches in Crete for inspiration, but make sure to visit Elafonissi beach – your kids will love the fabulous pink sands!

    Sailing in Crete

    Our final suggestion of things to do in Crete for families is to take a sailing trip. This type of shared experience is one everyone will remember, as they see parts of the island otherwise inaccessible, enjoy diving off the boat, and generally having a good time!

    Would you like more information on planning a family vacation in Crete? Contact the Kids Love Greece team today. Our local experts are always on hand to answer questions, and we also create bespoke itineraries so that you have the most memorable vacation in Crete imaginable!


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    Kids will love

    • The myths and stories linked to the Palace of Knossos
    • Having fun with the family at the beach
    • The welcoming atmosphere and warm-hearted locals
    • Tasting Cretan delicacies

    Parents will love

    • The diversity of the natural landscape
    • The numerous attractions for families on the island
    • The world famous Cretan cuisine

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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