Great ideas for family activities in Thessaloniki
pier of Thessaloniki infront of White tower
White tower and pier Thessaloniki
Great ideas for family activities in Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki arch
aerial view port of Thessaloniki

Top things to do in Thessaloniki for families

    If you’re visiting Thessaloniki with your family, be sure to include these suggestions of the best things to do. Includes food tours and more!

    Thessaloniki in Greece

    As the second-largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki has plenty of places of interest and things to see and do. No matter what age your kids are, we’re sure you’ll love your family city break in Thessaloniki no matter how long you spend there.

    1. Enjoy Thessaloniki’s Coastline

    Positioned by the coast, Thessaloniki has a wonderful setting and coastline to match. A recently renovated promenade area has meant that this can be enjoyed to the max with easy, traffic-free walks. All the better for that relaxed Greek vacation!

    It’s particularly suitable for families that have kids in strollers, as it’s nice and flat with no obstacles. You can enjoy walking along the Thessaloniki seafront yourself or take a guide who will give you the inside track on the history and development of Thessaloniki.

    The famous umbrella art piece along the Thessaloniki coastline

    2. The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

    If your kids are Percy Jackson fans or love Ancient Greece, visiting the archaeological museum of Thessaloniki is a must. Divided into differrent sections which represent different periods of history, you will all come away with a greater insight into the history of this part of Greece.

    Find out more here on visiting the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

    3. Eat the local food

    Every region and city in Greece has its own local delicacies, and Thessaloniki is no exception. Start your day with a Bougatsa, eat the best Koulouris in Greece and finish off with a Tsoureki.

    Unsure as to exactly what these strangely named but delightfully tasting snacks are? Check out our guide on snacks to eat in Thessaloniki.

    Dessert type: Bougatsan

    4. Take a day trip

    Thessaloniki is an excellent place to take a day trip from, as there are a number of interesting historical and cultural places to see nearby. One of those is the archaeological site of Vergina.

    Vergina was the Royal Capital of Macedonia and a place where you can walk in the footsteps of Philip and Alexander the Great. The archaeological site of Vergina has several incredible areas, including a museum housing treasures and the magnificent Royal Tombs. Vergina is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site – yes, yet another one in Greece!

    Hill and entrance to Royal Tombs of Aigai. Vergina. Central Macedonia, Greece

    5. Outdoor Activities

    There’s all manner of outdoor activities you can enjoy whilst visiting Thessaloniki. Hire bikes to cycle in the city, visit the fun and exciting Waterland in the Summer, and head out to the Platanakia recreation area.

    We can also organize specific outdoor activities based on your interests such as hiking or cycling in Thessaloniki as we do with other parts of Greece. If you don’t find anything listed on our website, just get in touch!

    Would you like to find out more about Thessaloniki and how to include it in your itinerary during your next family vacation in Greece? Contact the Kids Love Greece team today, and we’ll be more than happy to be of assistance.


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    Kids will love

    • Walk in the footsteps of Philip and Alexander the Great at the archaeological site of Vergina
    • Tasting the famous traditional Bougatsa of Thessaloniki
    • Thessaloniki’s coastline

    Parents will love

    • The vibrant city atmosphere
    • The beautiful museums and city attractions
    • The family day-trips to Halkidiki, Vergina, and Edessa

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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