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The best places for kids around Heraklion in Crete

Knossos and the Archeological Museum

Glaucus audio stories KidsLoveKnossos

Knossos is one of the top attractions in Greece. The history of the glorious Minoan civilization started here in the Palace of Knossos. Visit it and ‘unwind’ your own thread of Ariadne… if you have an iPhone, make sure you download the mobile app Kids Love Knossos, a series of audio stories about Knossos. Rest assured that your whole family will travel back in time to the glorious era of the Minoan civilization and the beginning of Europe.

To make the most out of your visit, we recommend a private family guided tour to the Palace of Knossos combined with a family pottery class. With a local expert, your family will spend fun time together learning about this Cretan craft and creating the best of all holiday souvenirs.

For kids who love Greek mythology and enjoy Percy Jackson, we have created a Percy Jackson tour to Knossos and the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion.

family guided tour kids love greece Crete Percy Jackson Mythology Family Trip 7-day Package activities for families Archaeological museum Heraklion

Did you know that the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion is the second most visited museum in Greece? Our Private Family Tour Archaeological Museum Heraklion will help you and your kids explore its treasures and significant exhibits.

CretAquarium – Thalassokosmos

Nemo and his friends invite your family to visit the impressive CretAquarium in Gournes, 15 minutes west of Heraklion. Here you will get the chance to experience many sea creatures of the Mediterranean and Greek seas. A fun day trip which will make your kids smile and create unforgettable memories!

Labyrinth Park

This family theme park is located at a 20 minutes drive from Heraklion and 10 minutes from Hersonissos. Labyrinth Park harmoniously blends Greek mythology with children’s amusement. Your kids will love the engagement in solving educational quizzes found in the maze. At the same time, they will be challenged in an effort to find the way out of the maze and escape from the terrible Minotaur.

Dinosauria Park

Dinosauriapark activity Kids Love Greece

Visit Dinosauria and admire the legendary dinosaurs in their real size. The dinosaurs park is in Gournes, 15 minutes from Heraklion, and only a couple of minutes away from CretAquarium. The park is suitable for young kids and anyone who is keen on learning more about prehistoric nature and animals. We particularly like the friendly and service-minded staff in the park.

Minoiki Avli (Minoan Yard) at the Riding Academy in Heraklion

Minoan theater bull dance Kids Love Greece
MinoanTheater facebook

This is one of our favourite activities around Heraklion. It is innovative, fun and educational at the same time. Minoiki Avli (Minoan Yard) is a dance show which takes place in the stoned theatre of the Riding Club of Heraklion. Professional male and female dancers dressed as Minoans will showcase some Minoan rituals including the famous Minoan bullfighting. What a unique way to teach your family the history of Crete! This show is an absolute must-see, especially after a visit to the Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

Archanes village

Church at Archanes village near Heraklion

Put your walking shoes on and discover the beauty of the Cretan nature by hiking up the mountain of Giouchtas. Admire the view over Heraklion and in your descent make sure you stop at the nearby ‘gourmet’ village of Archanes, one of the most traditional villages of Crete. Definitely, a must-do if you wish to dive into the local Cretan culture.

If you prefer to visit this special place with an organized group as a family day trip, we recommend our tour to Archanes village and the mountain of Giouchtas.

Not adventurous enough for your kids? Kids Love Greece also organizes hiking at the Gorge of Saints and Via Ferrata for the most adventurous families!

Visit a traditional olive oil farm

olive oil tasting family tour KidsLoveGreece.com

One of the most important Cretan products are its olives. What better way to get to know this Greek ‘gold’ by visiting a traditional olive oil farm with your family. Kids will love being outdoors and see how olives are turned into oil and parents will enjoy tasting different types of olive oil and learning about the famous Mediterranean diet. This Family Visit to a Traditional Olive Oil Farm lasts about three hours and provides not only an opportunity to learn about olives and olive oil but also a chance to meet some locals and find out about life in rural Crete. It’s an experience everyone will remember!

Water City

The options for swimming in the Cretan sea are endless… However, if you are a big fan of water parks and your kids need a break from the beach, we recommend the swimming pools in Water city, in the village Anopolis, just 17 km from Heraklion. The water slides will definitely bring a big smile on your kids’ faces… and possibly yours!

Kids in swimming pool Greece KidsLoveGreece.com

Cretan winery

Winemaking has always been an integral part of the Cretan economic activity. To get to know this feature of Crete better, we recommend that you visit the Rhous Winery. Introduce yourself to Maria Tamiolaki, the owner, and ask her to guide you around the magical world of Cretan wine. While your children safely play in the winery’s garden, you will have the opportunity to taste Cretan varieties and experience some of the best Cretan wines.

grape harvest Greece KidsLoveGreece.com

Do you love wine and food, why not join our day-long Wine Making and Cooking Family Experience! This workshop is available only between August 25 and October 10. It is a great opportunity to enjoy traditional rural Cretan life.

Family Cooking Class

A great way to get to know the local culture is through its food. Kids Love Greece hand-picked a wonderful cooking class. The warm welcoming of Eleni and Yiannis, the hosts of the place near Heraklion, will make you feel at home and generously offer you an original taste of the famous Cretan hospitality and Cretan cuisine

You can also make a family food tour while visiting monuments and sites around Heraklion city. We have selected a wide range of culinary family activities for you around the Heraklion.


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Kids will love

  • The stories of the  mythological Glaucus and the myths of Knossos
  • Getting lost in the labyrinth
  • The swimming pools of Watercity

Parents will love

  • Cooking and wine tasting at a traditional Cretan farm
  • Sharing experiences together
  • The warm hospitality of the Cretans and the family-friendly atmosphere

Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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