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Greek islands with teenagers – Where to go and what to do

    Sun-kissed golden beaches, interesting archaeological sites, and whitewashed houses with colorful flowers, the Greek islands are a beautiful place for a family vacation with kids. But what about that hardest-to-please group: the teenager?

    Which Greek island is suitable for families with teens? With so many islands to choose from, this is not an easy task. But do not panic, we have discovered how to get the best of the Greek islands when visiting with teens, guaranteed to turn their frowns upside down!

    Teens love…

    Teens get bored easily so getting them near water sports activities such as windsurfing, diving or motorized water sports is always a good idea. These can easily be found on several of the Greek islands. Teens like sailing too and this is something the whole family can enjoy.

    Chalkidiki family vacation KidsLoveGreece.com

    In the mood for loud music and people-watching? Many Greek islands host fun beach bars where parents and teens can relax together.

    An organized beach bar is especially nice with teens because there is service on the beach and the fact that teens can safely go alone and eat (if there are 2-3 teens together) makes them feel more independent. Next to these beach bars, there are usually some water sports centers.

    Contact us for more information about water sports centers in Greece! Let’s help you make the most out of your trip to Greece with teens!

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    Let’s have a look at which Greek islands are great for teens and the best they have to offer!

    Where to go?

    Mykonos with teens


    Mykonos is a great island for sailing. Teens will love swimming in clear waters, diving into the sea, or just relaxing in the sun on the deck listening to some music. If you pick a small group sailing adventure, your teens may meet peers and make new friends.

    During the Kids Love Greece Small Group sailing trip on Mykonos (or private), you will sail towards the nearby islands of Rhenia and Delos. Along the way of the sailing trip, you will have the opportunity to swim in amazingly blue bays, where you can also use the provided snorkeling gear. The aim of this sailing trip is to relax and to have fun, and there is plenty of both!

    With an all-day-open bar serving sodas, beers, and wine, and plenty of opportunities for photo and video-taking, your teen and the entire family will enjoy the day out. A freshly onboard prepared meal is also included on this 5-6 hours sailing trip.

    Mykonos family sailing

    Mythology and History buffs

    If your teen is into history, you could opt for visiting the archaeological site of Delos. Delos is located just 6 miles from Mykonos and is easily accessible by boat in about 30 minutes from Mykonos. On Delos, the whole family will have the possibility to discover one of the most extensive excavations in the Mediterranean.

    Do not leave Delos unless you visit the museum there, where you can admire Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman Sculptures. The ancient theatre is also stunning.

    We recommend that you book a private family tour, as there are no signs at the majority of the structures. If you go there alone, allow at least 2 hours on the island so that you get a real sense of the magnitude of Delos. Make sure that you climb up the theatre and to the top of the hill!

    Family Tour to Delos with Kids Mykonos (1)

    Hands-on cooking experience

    For teens who like to get hands-on during their vacation, we recommend a Family Cooking Lesson. This fully immersive experience will introduce you to Greek culture, life, attitudes, and history, all mixed with a personal touch.

    Your host is a friendly local who will welcome you all as friends with some snacks and drinks, sharing stories about her family life and the history of the area. You will have the chance to walk around the organic vegetable garden where your teens can learn more about organic farming in the area. They will also learn more about the quality ingredients essential to making the best-tasting Greek dishes.

    Did you know that the Mediterranean diet and the Greek diet are some of the healthiest in the world?! Your host will teach your teens how to prepare some traditional Greek foods such as tzatziki and spanakopita amongst others. The reward for their hard work comes at the end when you all sit down to enjoy a meal that you have created!

    Part of the joy of eating Greek cuisine is sharing it with others, and the atmosphere will be happy and relaxed. The perfect way to engage with your teen and make memories together.

    family cooking class in Mykonos traditional greek dishes gastronomy kids love greece activities for families Cyclades workshops

    Mosaic – for the art lovers

    If your teens love the arts, what better activity than to give them the opportunity to express their creativity with real, original materials and make their own unique work of art? During the Mosaic Workshop in Mykonos, they will meet a local mosaic artist, famous on the island. With her guidance, your teens will create their own mosaic in a wooden frame that they will take home at the end.

    Need more ideas, Kids Love Greece offers a range of other tours and activities in Mykonos, just have a look under the Tours tab!

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    Mosaic workshop Mykonos for families (2)

    See and be seen

    Mykonos is famed for its party scene and hip lifestyle so it is a paradise for outgoing teens. They will love the clubs on this most trendy island in the Cyclades group.

    Older teens will enjoy the upscale (and expensive) Scorpios beach bar. Hire a cabana on the beach and relax away while listening to great music and watch the international jet set splashing around.

    But there are so many more fun places. Some of our favorite beach bars for families with teens are Solymar at Kalo Livadi beach, the bars at Psarrou such as Nammos, the bars at Mykonos’ town beaches, Panormos’ Principote beach bar, and SantAnna in Paraga.

    Scorpios Beach Bar Mykonos-min

    Shopping fanatics

    For teens who need shopping therapy, Mykonos is probably the best island in Greece. From high-end designer stores to colorful souvenir shops with trendy sandals or Bohemian beach gear and jewelry, it is all available.

    Teens can take a stroll down the little streets in Little Venice and walk to restaurants and souvenir shops along the alley with trinkets and paintings hanging out to catch attention. The sunset at the windmills of Mykonos is a beautiful sight as well. 

    Windmill Greek islands jason-blackey

    Naxos with teens

    Beaches beaches beaches

    Naxos is famous for its long golden beaches. Teens will love Plaka beach which is about a 3 kilometer stretch of great beach with a string of hotels and tavernas along the dirt road running along the beach. There is no town or village but services are within walking distance. The next two options are the beaches near Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios.

    Island explorers

    Teens will also love to take a day trip around the island for some antiquities, hiking opportunities or mountain villages. We recommend the Naxos Tailor Made Exploring because teens will be able to decide together with the guide what they would like to see.

    Do you want to check out some of the best beaches on Naxos? Our guide will lead the way. Do you have an interest in arts and crafts? They can take you to places where local artisans create pottery and paintings. The tour is completely customized!

    Young teens will love Naxos Town, which is a perfectly safe place for parents to give them a little freedom. The St. George area is a good base both for Naxos Town (10-15 min walking distance) and the water sports activities.

    Naxos street market sign Food Walking Tour

    Young sailors

    As in all the Cycladic islands, sailing is great in Naxos too. During the Sailing Fun in Naxos Tour, you and your teens will get to explore the island on a luxurious catamaran combining fun and relaxation. Our spacious, stable, and comfortable catamaran is available for small group cruises (maximum of 22 people) and private cruises (upon request). Depending on the weather conditions, there are 6 different routes from Naxos marina to North Naxos, South Naxos, Paros & Antiparos, Koufonisi, Iraklia, or Schinousa. 

    During this cruise, we will drop anchor in a small sheltered inlet and taste the most delicious and traditional Greek recipes cooked on board with locally sourced fresh products. Your teens will like the fact that this place is only accessible from the sea and will have lots of Instagram opportunities.

    Teenager swimming in Greek islands-min

    Learn how to cook

    The Greek Family Organic Table in Naxos is another relaxed and no-pressure experience suitable for teens. During this hands-on family experience, you will prepare three traditional courses; you will create a starter, some delicious appetizers, a traditional pie, the main dish, and dessert. The menu also includes a salad, bread, a variety of Naxian cheeses, and local wine. Through this lesson, your family will learn the many culinary secrets of Naxian cuisine and in the end, enjoy a delicious meal together.

    Through this hands-on activity you will experience the authentic village way of living and learn more about Greek food, spend time with your kids preparing local Greek dishes and enjoy a lovely feast! The menu also includes a salad, bread, a variety of Naxian cheeses and local wine.

    Naxos Kids Cooking Class for Kids Love Greece

    Santorini with teens

    Instagram-worthy moments

    Santorini with its volcano and caldera is one of the world’s most extraordinary destinations and the most photographed island in Greece. Your teens will have endless photo opportunities here to share with their friends on social media, and they will become an instant Instagram hit!

    Teens will love hiking around the crater rim, following the ancient pathway linking the traditional villages of Fira and Oia. Or join in a Santorini Walk and Taste, sunset food tour. This tour is a mix of famous spots, historic haunts, and hidden gems with tasteful delicacies. During the tour, we walk along the caldera footpath at sunset and explore the most picturesque part of the island.

    There is plenty of opportunity for that million-dollar Instagram view photo. Teens will also learn more about Santorini’s famous local gastronomy and parents and tweens can even enjoy a glass of volcanic wine!

    Teenager girl happy in Santorini Candera CV

    Alternative exploring

    Besides the famous sight, Santorini has so many diversions beyond its antiquities, beyond its centuries-old vineyards and there are so many ways to see them — by wave-runner, sea kayak, helicopter, even by donkey.

    Scuba diving along the caldera offers more than just pretty fish. Sharp-eyed divers can explore secret caves and even an ancient underwater church or two. Or ditch the scuba gear and go for an easy afternoon of snorkeling.

    If your teen prefers being on, rather than under, the water, try a sea kayak or stand-up paddleboard outing along the dramatic volcanic cliffs.

    A sailing cruise is another relaxed way to discover the beauty for which Santorini is so famous. We do offer several Small Group family sailing adventures. If you love sunsets, our favorite is the Small Group Santorini sunset sailing tour.

    Santorini family sailing day tour kids love greece barbeque on board Ammoudi

    For thrill-seekers

    If your teens still have the energy to spare, try parasailing, balloon rides, horseback riding, and, of course, the donkey tours the island is famous for — although ask us to point you to a reputable donkey ride company before heading out.

    If you are an active family, we highly recommend the trip to the Private Santorini Volcano tour.

    Tourist excursion boats at small port on volcano of Santorini SH-min

    Crete with teens

    Crete is a huge island, in fact, it is the largest in Greece and there is so much you can see and do there with teens. Crete’s varied landscape and spectacular surroundings not only create tons of Instagram locations but also a wide range of outdoor activities. Hiking, Via Ferrata, Kayaking, Biking, it is all possible.

    Water Fun

    This is the same on the water. There are lots of small uninhabited islands near the West and East coast of Crete, many with ancient ruins, castles or wildlife. Sailing around these coastlines is an amazing adventure. Our 3-day Family Sailing Adventure to the West Coast of Crete for instance takes you to a pirate island in an amazing lagoon.

    Sailing Balos Chania Crete

    Gorges hikes – amazing gorges

    If you go to the South of Chania, you will find several isolated and strikingly beautiful locations across the South coast of Crete like Ag. Roumeli (where the exit of Samaria gorge is), beautiful Ag. Pavlos beach, Marmara caves, gorgeous Loutro, and Sweet Waters beach.

    samaria gorge with teens

    Let’s learn about the Minoans

    For less adventurous teens there are cooking lessons, shopping possibilities, many beautiful beaches, beach clubs, ancient sites, and museums such as the Minoan Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

    To read all of our recommended activities about Crete for teenagers, please read our article on Crete for teens.

    Family friendly Tour in the Palace of Knossos with kids Crete

    Milos with teens

    4 X 4 SUV Adventure

    Milos’ wild landscape just begs to be explored, and there’s no better way to do so than by taking your teens on a 4×4 Milos Road Trip adventure. Teens will love the sense of adventure as they are driven over rough, unsealed roads to remote parts of the island. There are plenty of stops for swimming and they can even explore some caves!

    Milos tour of the island for families (2) 6

    Beach please!

    Most teens like the beach and Milos island is a beach paradise. If your teen is a beach freak, we’ll say confidently that Milos has some of the most picturesque beaches you have ever seen. White sand and multi-color cliffs and crystal clear water – oh, and rocks: You can float around them, or jump off them!

    Have a look at the best beaches in Milos here.

    Day trip to Kimolos from Milos


    If sitting on the beach is too boring, a sailing trip is an exciting and alternative way of spending your time in Milos!

    During a trip around the island, you will be able to see the most amazing parts such as “the Bears” at the entrance of the port- two large rocks shaped like bears, the entrance of the port of Adamas, which is the second-largest natural port (9 nautical miles) and also the amazing cape of Vani, the largest emerging volcanic rock in the Mediterranean Sea!

    The main destination of sailing in Milos is “Kleftiko“, the famous site with the towering, white limestone rocks, that form caves and tunnels of different colors depending on how the sun reflects on the seawater.

    Sailing around Milos

    Paros with teens

    Paros is well known for its windsurfing scene. But other water sports and beach bars are also found in abundance. In Paros, Santa Maria Beach Bar is one of the best as well as Faragas Beach with a bar and restaurant with fine Mediterranean cuisine.

    You can also go sailing in Paros. Our Family sailing trip in Paros takes you to the most extraordinary isolated beaches and coves of the island, making swim stops at the best spots along the way. The trip includes a visit to Panteronissia islands and the Blue Lagoon, exploring the Sea Caves in Antiparos island, and wandering around Despotiko island with its sandy and exotic beaches. The cruise includes SUP boards and basic snorkeling equipment.

    As you can see, the opportunities for teenagers in Greece are endless! And if you need any further help in planning your trip to the Greek islands with teens, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help!

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      I hope you can help! :-)

      • Hello Mia! Thank you for your questions. You will have so much fun with your teens! Maria has already sent you an email. We hope you enjoy your time in Greece.


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