• 9+1 kid friendly activities in Athens
  • 9+1 kid friendly activities in Athens
  • 9+1 kid friendly activities in Athens
  • 9+1 kid friendly activities in Athens
9+1 kid friendly activities in Athens
9+1 kid friendly activities in Athens

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9+1 kid friendly activities in Athens

Despite what many people may think Athens IS actually a family friendly city and to prove it we have made a list of our favourite kid friendly activities. Believe us, this is just nowhere near the full list!

Hellenic Children’s Museum:

This museum is dedicated to kids and helps them learn in a fun way about how the world functions. A couple of examples of things they can do is to create with building materials, learn about the concepts of supply and demand in the marketplace, or even experiment with food ingredients in the kitchen. Just click here to learn more about this interesting museum.

Hellenic childrens museum Kids Love Greece

Goulandris Natural History Museum:

This museum will definitely impress children of all ages. Life sized replicas of animals and interesting plant species will help your little fellows understand more about how our ecosystem works. There is also an interesting exhibition at Gaia Centre which provides information about the way our planet works and the role of the human race. We don’t want to spoil the surprise but click here if you want to find out more.

Natural history museum Goulandris Kids Love Greece


The Planetarium – Eugenides Foundation:

This attraction is definitely not to be missed. First of all, both young and older kids will simply love the huge domed screen and the auditorium. Secondly, this is a great opportunity to familiarize your little ones with complex concepts in a fun and interactive way. Click here to learn more.

planetarium hal for families Athens


Zappeio – National Garden:

This urban oasis in the centre of Athens – literally next to Syntagma Square – is perfect for kids. They can run around and play in the two playgrounds, interact with the animals at the mini zoo – and of course feed the ducks at the lake. You can admire the amazing statues such as the woodworker, the little harvester and the satyr. Click here for more information on Zappeio or here for more information on the National Garden.

National gardens Athens

Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre:

This is an interesting way to learn about Greek history through virtual tours and performances. You will travel back in time and visit interesting and places and monuments that no longer exist. If this sounds like a good idea then just click here for more information.

Attica Zoo Park:

Why not spend a day at this beautiful zoo? Fall in love with the playful dolphins, flirt with the romantic pink flamingos, and tease the lazy brown bear. Make sure you pick up a map to guide you around the park as it is huge, housing more than 350 animal species of which half are on the endangered list. Click here to learn more.

attica zoo park with kids seal

Mount Lycabettus:

This is an activity that both youngsters and adults will enjoy. The hill of Lycabettus stands next to the popular area of Kolonaki and is famous for its breathtaking views. Little fellows will be excited at the prospect of a ride in the mini cable car which takes you to the top of the hill. Click here to learn more.

Floisvos’ Park Playground:

If you want to see something more than just the city centre and give your kids a little treat, then do visit Floisvo’s park. It is located in the south part of Athens, next to the beautiful harbour of Floisvos. It is the biggest playground in Athens with innovative games divided into zones depending on the child’s age. Just click here to find out more.

flisvos park playground Athens Kids Love Greece


Archelon – The Sea Turtle Protection Society:

An alternative activity in Athens is to visit the Sea Turtle Protection Society where your little fellows will love to see turtles of all sizes and at the same time learn about the marine biology of turtles, their feeding habits and reproduction patterns.  They will meet the famous Caretta Caretta! Interested to learn more? Just click here.

A day at the beach with the family:

Athenian beaches can be equally as beautiful as the ones you see on postcards from the islands. Importantly, we can give you advice on which beaches are kid friendly and worth a visit. Follow the link here to find out more.

There are many more activities to do in Athens and we are here to help. Just let us know your preferences and we will find the right activity for you!

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