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Top 7 Kid Friendly Tours in Athens and Mycenae Kid Friendly Excursions

    Athens is a great city to explore on foot. With its world-famous monuments scattered around its historic heart, lots of pedestrian areas and car-free alleys, families with kids will enjoy a walking tour.

    Mythology Walking Tours for Families in Athens

    For Greek mythology-loving families, we have created 7 private mythology-inspired walking tours. All our private mythology walking tours are accompanied by a family expert guide that will cater to the individual requirements of your family. Together with the Greek gods and heroes, your family will travel back in time and learn more about Ancient Athens and live in Ancient Greece.

    Here is our top 7 selection of our recommended Mythology Walking Tours for families.

    1. Private Athens Acropolis Mythology Walking Tour

    The Acropolis is a must for families visiting Athens, especially those who love Greek mythology. Did you know that the Parthenon, the most famous temple on the Acropolis, has been built to honour the goddess Athena? The Acropolis hill is also the place where Poseidon and Athena fought over the patronage of the city.

    Besides the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Erectheion, you will have a chance to visit the impressive main entrance called the Propylaea. With the god Dionysus on your side, you will also explore the first theatre in Greece. Built on the slopes of the Acropolis hill, the Dionysus Theatre is the birthplace of ‘tragedy’. The Sanctuary of Asclepius, dedicated to the god of Medicine, is also part of the Acropolis visit.

    Exploring the Acropolis is a true adventure for young kids. Standing inside the ancient theatre or walking past impressive temples, mythological creatures, gods and goddesses will come to live in their imagination. The tour is operated by a state-licensed guide and its duration is two hours making it also suitable for preschoolers. More information and details about this tour can be found here.

    Acropolis Parthenon Family vacation

    2. Private Athens Acropolis Museum Mythology Walking Tour

    No other place in the world hosts more findings of ancient Athens and the Acropolis than the Acropolis Museum does. With statues of Greek gods and goddesses, artefacts of life in Ancient Greece, and mythological creations, the Acropolis Museum is a treasure box for anyone who loves mythology and history!

    Starting with the mythological owl at the entrance, kids will love searching for the goddess Athena in her many forms around the museum. In the summer of 2019, the museum opened the archaeological excavations underneath the museum. Here, together with the state-licensed guide, families can walk through Ancient roads and admire the ruins of ancient Athenian houses and other buildings. The duration of this tour is two hours, making it suitable for kids of all ages. Would you like to learn more about this Acropolis Museum tour? Scroll over to the tour description here.

    3. Private Athens Acropolis & Acropolis Museum Mythology Walking Tour

    The private Athens Acropolis & Acropolis Museum combined tour is the Kids Love Greece number one bestseller. For families who want to fully experience the Acropolis with their personal state-licensed guide, a combined tour is recommended. The duration of the combined tour is four hours making it suitable for kids starting from 8 years old. Click here if you want more information or details about the combined tour.

    4. Private Ancient Agora Mythology Walking Tour

    The Ancient Agora is an amazing place for families who love mythology. Not only is it one of the most important ancient monuments of Athens, but it also hosts the many secret monuments to the Athenian gods. Together with a state licenses family guide who is also an educator, kids will explore the Ancient Agora and learn about Greek mythology through play and games. Parents will love visiting the Temple of Hephaestus in the Ancient Agora because it is the best-preserved Greek temple in Athens. At the same time, their kids will transform into ancient engineers, exploring how this temple was built, and even how they might finish it. This playful tour in the Ancient Agora is especially recommended for families with young kids. Its duration is two hours. To learn more about this playful mythology experience, please click here.

    5. Private Ancient Agora combined with Acropolis or with Acropolis Museum Mythology Walking Tour

    For families who want to see both the Ancient Agora and the Acropolis or Acropolis museum, we have created a private Ancient Agora Acropolis or Acropolis Museum Mythology Walking Tour. The duration of the combinations, Ancient Agora + Acropolis or Ancient Agora + Acropolis Museum is four hours. That is why we recommend this mythology walking tour to families with children starting from 8 years old.

    6. Hunt for Heroes Athens Mythology Walking Tour

    Do you want to experience the beautiful Athenian moments with a mythological twist, but do not want to actually enter the monuments? Check out our Hunt for Heroes tour! This walking tour is especially great for families with younger kids because its route is mostly car-free. Parents will see the famous monuments while kids will listen to stories of gods and heroes by our kid’s friendly state-licensed archaeological guide. What makes this mythology walking tour different from the others is that its route is through the pretty Anafiotika and the Pnyx. In Anafiotika, kids will love running around the maze-like streets while the green hills of the Pnyx offer beautiful views over the city and the Acropolis. Did you know that the Pnyx is considered the birthplace of democracy? Mythologically, the hill is linked to Theseus fight against the Amazons! The tour lasts 2 1/2 hours. Want to learn more about this exciting mythology hunt? Find detailed information about the tour here.

    7. What’s in a pot? Ancient Athens Myths, Games and Pottery Private Walking Tour

    This fun private three-hour walking tour combines mythology, Ancient Athens and games. Together with a creative kid-friendly storyteller and field expert, families will explore the (mostly car-free roads) of ancient Athens. Kids will be invited to transform into Greek gods and participate in ancient Greek games while listening to stories from Greek mythology. Parents can join the games too. While having fun, the walking tour also visits Athens’ most important sites, such as the Acropolis, the Pnyx and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. After this private mythology walking tour, families can enter an authentic pottery workshop and kids can create their very own ceramic masterpiece.    

    Want to learn more about this exciting private mythology walking tour for families and how you can combine it with a pottery class? Here you can find more information.

    Family Friendly Excursion to Mycenae

    Mycenae is about one hour drive away from Athens, and one of the most important archaeological sites in the area of Peloponnese in Greece. The powerful city of Mycenae was the heart of the Mycenaean civilization that dominated Ancient Greece between 1600BC and 1100BC. Said to have been founded by Perseus himself, Mycenae was the center of many Greek myths and legends. 

    Our Family-Friendly Excursion to Mycenae shows families the site through the eyes of the legendary king Agamemnon; the proud king of mythical Argolis. Through his eyes, Ancient Greece and the legends attached to the area come to life. This is a great excursion for families who are on vacation in Athens but want to explore other important monuments of Ancient Greece tied to Greek mythology. Curious to learn more? Scroll over the tour description here!


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    Kids will love

    • The playful character of the mythology tours
    • Playing games amongst the ancient Athenian monuments with their parents
    • The fascinating secrets that lie in the rocks of Mycenae

    Parents will love

    • The meaningful and interesting aspects of the tours for all the family
    • Visiting world-famous monuments such as the Acropolis
    • Spending time together on a day trip outside of Athens

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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